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I dont feel pregnant. Lock Rss

Im a little scared of posting this as i know what some of you are going to say but im between 5-7 weeks pregnant apparently but i dont feel it, the only thing is that im really tired all the time but im generally a tired person anyway. Well to get to my point over here in NZ you dont get a scan till 18-20 weeks and im just scared that im not actually pregnant or something is wrong, i had my last bub in oz and it was good over there with checks and everything but they dont seem to do anything over here in NZ till 12weeks. Could anyone tell me how it works here in NZ?

Hi, You can actually have the first scan at 12 weeks here in NZ, it is the one they do for downs syndrome. I'm sure though if you spoke to your doctor or midwife there would have to be something that they could do earlier if you really want it, but sorry not sure what


sorry i can't help you with how it works in nz as i am in aus...

don't worry you are not the only one to feel this way!!! i didn't feel pregnant for ages - particularly before my 12 week scan. when i went to my gp after doing my home preg test, he didn't do a test as well, he said he believed me and that i knew what i was doing!!! as i didn't get a lot of symptoms (didn't throw up from M/S, boobs weren't sore but i was a bit tired)i didn't feel or believe that there was actually a baby in there! so when i finally did get to my 12 week scan i was really nervous that they were going to tell me i wasn't pregnant and that i would look like a bit of a fool!!! but lo and behold, there was a little peanut in there with a tiny beating heart...what a relief!!! so for about 3 or 4 days i felt pregnant, then all symptoms disappeared (didn't feel tired anymore) and i started to wonder if it was all a dream! again it wasn't until my 19 week anatomy scan that it really hit home when i could see the outline of his face and all his organs working away. Amazing!!!

good luck, i am sure everything will be fine!

oh and just another thing...i think that because we hear so much about how other people suffer with m/s etc that we expect that is what is going to happen to us, so when we don't get as many pregnancy symptoms (esp when it is our first baby) it can make you feel a bit like there is something wrong!!!

I had no morning sickness at all with DD and didn't really feel pregnant either. Except for being tired, the heartburn/indigestion and the sensitive nipples! lol!

Try not to stress just's only early so you can't expect too many 'signs'.


Hi 1st tym mummy

Congrats on the pregnancy!
For alot of people seeing is beliving(I'm one of them!)
You should go and see your local GP and let them know you're preggies and how you're feeling...
They usually send you in for blood tests and a scan to see how far along you are and they should also perscribe you some folic acid...
I'm 18 weeks pregnant...
I had my 1st scan at about 6 weeks....
Let me know how you get on...
Hope I helped???

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