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Hospital bag.......... Lock Rss

ok people just realised i should really have my hospital bags packed after i had a close call yesterday luckly contractions stopped!
But anywho... I have been looking everywhere to find a list of exactly what i need to pack and everywhere seems to be brand driven i just want to know what to pack sad i dont want to get some advertising.
So if you all out there in Huggies-land could give me a little help with lists for a hospital bag and bubs bag that would be great thanks!!

I mine I have:

couple of pairs of nighties and pjs
lots of pairs of undies (all of them darkly coloured!!)
few packets of maternity pads
pair of socks and slippers
couple of maternity bras
breast pads
nappies - not sure if hospital provides them so I'll take my own
bum cream (amolin)
solvent moist bum wipes for me
couple of size 00000 bodysuits
couple of size 0000 bodysuits

I think that pretty much covers my bag..
As this is my 2nd I don't plan to stay in hospital for very long so I'm just taking basic necessities..
In my bag for DD1 I had lots of dark undies, 3 bras, lots of maternity pads, day clothes (still pregnacy clothes), toiletries, socks & 2 jarmies. For bub, 4 stretchy all in one suits size 000, 4 singlets, 2 hat/ beanies (they put one on Bella as soon as she was born) and a special going home outfit and blanket. The hospital provided nappies, wipes and wraps. Didn't need bum cream.

I will be bringing pretty ,much the same this time round. I didn't buy any 0000 00000 clothes. The 000 were too big for about 2 weeks.

Hope this helps.

Hey Jess, maybe a few snacks and drinks for DP and if theres anything in particular you may like (I believe you can eat light snacks early on).

I've also got everything on Jenna's list plus a few extras

I'm taking a toiletry bag so can have a shower and freshen up afterwards.
Maybe a set of loose comfy day clothes for you.
I've seen it that many people take a roll of their own toilet paper - hosptial stuff can be a bit harsh.
I'll prolly throw in a book of crossword puzzles(with a pen) and a mag incase I get some down time.
My camera and phone live in my handbag anyways, as does lipbalm. (not as worried bout phone, DP will be there and his is always charged for work, besides I may be a tad busy...)

I'm packing a good couple of days worth as while Im allowed to go naturally up until my due date, if I go over or take to long I'm not allowed to be induced and have to have a c-sect. I figure if I pack for the worst I'm covered.

Oooh nearly forgot, Jandals for the shower!! most important lol

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

OK, I will take pretty much the same as everyone above... The three things I didn't take and wish I had with DD (and will this time round) are:

1. Mittens for bubs - bonds have them built in, but just in case.
2. Lip balm, my ips got so dry during labour (and I am not normally a lip balm person)
3. A dummy for bubs - I was anti-pacifier, being my first child, but used one in the hospital. Only ever during sleep time, I will pack one to use in an emergency... i.e I need sleep.

Going home outfit is always a good idea...
My hospital bag looks like this

5 x Dark undies that are a size to big so they are comfy and don't hurt my stitches but also don't fall down(I'm having a c/s)
3 x singlets that are comfy and easy to B/F
3 x B/F bras
2 x PJ's that are loose
Libra goodnight pads, (I like them better than maternity pads and they are also recommended for maternity use)
Breast Pads - Rite Aide
5 x Bonds wonderbaby suits
something cute for bubby to go home in
2 dummies (an absolute must for newborns if you want any rest)
a couple of books
An outfit to go home in thats comfy,
1 warm bunny rug (personal choice I just like it so bubby has a nice soft blanket as the hospital ones can be alittle worn sometimes)
Some money ($10 in change) not much though in case of emergancies.
Socks, slippers and thongs.
Lip Balm (the air con drys my lips in there)
A bag of lollies (I have a sweet tooth:)
Maybe my Ipod, still debating this because I'd hate to loose it or get it stolen, but I could play games on it and listen to music without waking the baby so?????????

I am not going to bother about day outfits for myself cause I am happy to wear my PJ's. I don't think I'll be running round or leaving the ward, the only places I will be going are to the little kitchen for a hot chocolate, to the bathing area or where they take bubs for checks which is all in the ward, and I don't care if I am in my PJ's most of the women are anyway.

good luck with it all not long now smile

Hi - this will be my second, so here's the things I'll be taking that's a bit out of the ordinary

* This time I'm going to take some Teena incontinence undies (embarrassing, but true). They're the same as the pads but come in undies. In the first two days I bled so heavily that when I stood up a tidal wave of blood hit the floor regardless of my super-duper maternity pad, plus you've then got yucky undies to send home with DH to wash. This time, I'll just be chucking them in the bin at each change (this tip given to me by a new mum/nurse in an aged care facility)

* Arnica tablets - help you recover from bruising. They're herbal and you can get them at a chemist

* "Lansinoh" - ointment for sore nipples - an absolute Godsend and my saviour in the first few weeks of B/feeding

* Witch hazel and gauze pads, to put in your undies to heal stitches and bruising. My hospital actually supplies this if you ask for it.

* Metamucil and/or some fruit - my hospital also supplies some metamucil for you. Regarless of whether your blocked up or not, it makes the first bowel movement so much less scary

* A roll of comfy toilet paper

* Some cash - for buying yourself snacks at the hospital shop or a newspaper/magazine. Also, my hospital charges you if you want to use the TV, and they dont have EFTPOS

* Baby nail clippers and/or mittens for bub. Bubbys nails can be really long (and they try to cling onto your boob like a little Koala when you feed!) Bonds terry-suits are great for covering their hands for this

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Someone mentioned it already, but bring thongs just like you would for any public shower. I didn't, and got a nice dose of tinea - gross!

Im overdue by a few days, but there are some good ideas in here so i think im going to check through and add a few things.
The only other things i have is a baby book if you have one so you can start filling it in, a puzzle book (sudoku for me!) and a pen and paper. I was in hospital for about 4-5 days with my first and second and it can get a bit boring when bubby is asleep and you cant sleep! Oh also baby name books of you still dont have names. (I am having a boy, 2 days overdue, and we still cant decide on a name!!)
hope this helps!
[Edited on 06/03/2008]
Hi there,

Just wanted to add:
Don't forget a heat pack, it was my saviour and sometimes the hospitals don't have any or they're being used. Personally, I wanted to take my own anyway. Oh and something to do when bubs is asleep,when you're all alone and way too excited to get some sleep yourself!
Good luck smile]
[Edited on 06/03/2008]

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