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Is there anyone out there that can please tell me what i can safely use and that will work, to help with this unbearable constipation? I have never been so clogged up in my life!
I've tried prune juice (yuck!) and nu-lax, green tea, but lo and behold - nothings moving in a hurry!!!! i swear, if something doesn't happen soon, i will combust!!
I was NEVER constipated in my first pregnancy! Is this my body's way of saying "well, coz you had such a breeze last time round , lets show you what its really all about!!"???
Please people, i am open for even the strangest of antidotes! Just as long as it works. I have never wanted to go to the loo so bad before in my life!!
your gonna hate me but you can put a little bit of soap up your grandma told me to and a few weeks ago i was so desperate and in pain i did the unthinkable and within 20 minutes i was empting all my bowel and turning it inside out

i can understand if that is too sick for you so another way is to drink warm drinks......camamiole tea is great cause it relaxs you


Thanx! You know what, i am that desperate, i'll try anything!! Soap up your butt!?! Well, hears hoping !!!
not too much, only a little bit, and make sure you stick it up high.......give it 30 minutes....good luck


Hi there,

Not sure where you are NZ or Oz.
I'm in NZ so if you're in Oz I'm not sure if they'll have it.
But it's called 'Kiwi Crush' It is in the freezer section at the supermarket and you let it defrost a bit and then mix with water and drink when you need it.
Tastes ok and works a treat!

Good luck!
Soap up the butt... hehe, let me know how you go... This has to be the ugly side of pregnancy!

I would also try to get your stools as soft as possible, so eat a bowl of all bran every day.. Post baby, I had the worst pains when going to the toilet... It was worse than labour...

All bran is the bomb!!!
Hi guys!! Thanx for all your advice. Im in oz,but one of my closests friends' hubby is maori, so she said she'd ask her mother-in-law to get me some of that kiwi crush stuff!! I have some good news though!! The soap up your butt really DOES WORK! Hallalua!!!!! I have never felt so clensed!!!
Thank goodness for old wives tales!!
I have to say I'd have to be desperate to do the soap thing, I've worked in hospitals and seen all sorts (ie warm milk and glycerine) but not that one. Kiwicrush I swear by, I'm on iron pills as of today which clogs peoples up even further so it'll be a glass every morning and night - I have some defrosting now. You'll want a few boxes of the family sized packs and if/when she sends it water proof packaging grin

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Ok, i'm intrigued!! Soap??!! Any specific type of soap - morning fresh, hand soap? Does it make you feel sick with stomach cramps and diaorrhea (sp?). I'm so constipated at the moment I'll try anything - I just want to know what I'm in for LOL. I've been living on metamucil and prune juice and although it helps a little, it could definitely be a whole lot better!
Thought - when taking fibre based products they are also known to bulk up bowel motions so remember to drink heaps and heaps of water so they don't clog you up even further. For the life of me I can't remember which products do this but I have a funny feeling its the ones like metamucil and fibregel. I could be wrong but I have my old bosses voice in my head...

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Wow just read this thread i cant beleive soap in ur bottom would work, i wish id known this a while ago while my friend was pregnant she got very clogged up and had to get some kind of capsules from the chemist to put in her bum. But ill remember the soap thing if i have any problems which i havent yet. Touch wood!
AHAHAH - this is awesome! Wish I knew about the whole soap up the bum thing during my first trimester when I needed it most!

I went crazy with fruit when I felt like that. It kinda helped a little bit, but the thing that I found most useful was a piece of advice my friend gave me - put aside a bit of time when you go to the loo... don't rush!

Sit there and relax for as long as you can - the more you strain, the more chance you have of getting Haemorrhoids / Piles! I found that when I actually just let gravity take hold, it helped a lot too! Mind you, DP was starting to worry coz I was in there for SOOOO long!

Man - did I feel better after though! Good luck smile

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