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Blocked nose - HELP!! Lock Rss

Hey all,
i have a cold at the moment and and extremely blocked nose, can't breathe out of it at all unless i am continually walking around. I have taken nose drops but they only last for 4hrs and only unblock it abit and then i get all blocked again after the 3-4hr mark.
Anyway as we all know can't take anything for the cold but am after other safe ways of unblocking my nose cause its driving me crazy!!! oh i am 21wks preggy tomorrow.
Thanks in advance

have u tried putting vics vapour rub on? and as annoying as i found it i also found putting vics vapour rub under my nose does help, but it irritated me badly knowing it was there haha.
maybe try smelling eucalyptus oil tipped on a hankie/tissue
could help? i dunno if thats ok during pregnancy or not.. i just remember my mum getting me to do that when i was younger lol.
i generally get the bathroom all steamy and breathe that for a while, then jump in the hot shower and have a good blow. usually keeps me clear for a good while. steamy bathrooms are good for congested babies as well grin
if it is a problem at night as well a vapouriser with eucalyptus or something to keep the air in the bedroom moist helps too.


There is a product call Drixine Nasal Spray. Safe to use during pregnancy. It says on the bottle to only use for 3/4 days or something however I suffer really badly from nasal congestion while pregnant and spent the whole pregnancy not being able to breath. I used the spray morning and night and it worked a dream. I used it through the whole pregnancy when needed. I asked why is says only used for 3/4 days and the answer was that they believe it only works for that long in a row. I used it constantly and don't know what I would have done without it.

Good Luck

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