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I was just wondering what other peoples appointments with their ob involve. One of my friends mentioned they always had their blood pressure checked and also had a urine test. I always have my blood pressure checked but I have never had a urine test done, does this sound unusual?


When i had my son (13 yrs ago) i had to take a urine sample to every OB appt but this time the only sample was when i had my pregnancy test. I always have my BP checked. I don't know if its normal or not.


With DS i had a urine test at every visit ... shared care with my GP.

This one I have only had a couple (midwife only care)

Protein indicators in urine are something they watch for later in pregnancy so i wouldn't be too worried.
I have always had my blood pressure checked.

I had to take a urine sample with me to the last appointment and I have to from now on. I have high blood pressure and am already seeing the ob once a week so I'm not too sure if the urine samples have anything to do with that or not.

When I had my daughter 5 years ago I know that everyone at clinic had a urine test at every appointment. But things have changed since then but because I had urine infections right thru my first pregnancy and ended up with pre eclampsia they said they will start testing mine at every visit after 20 weeks.
I think it's pretty standard to have your blood pressure checked every visit and not have urine tested unless of course you have reason for it.

Funny how when our mothers had us they were weighed at every single visit. It's weird how things change so much.
yeah, I had my weight checked the very first appointment but never again since. I think my friend always had her weight checked also, maybe her ob was a bit old fashioned?!..


I am weighed by OB every visit - but no urine testing so far...(I thought this was weird, so I'm going to ask about it on Wednesday at the next appt)

With DS my previous OB checked urine each visit.

I'll tell you what OB says when I ask him...

i had shared care with my GP and at each visit i would have blood pressure checked, weighed, most times a urine sample, listen to bubs heart, check fundal height (from 16 weeks i think) and discuss and concerns.
towards end of pregnancy they also checked for swelling.

the urine sample is to test for traces of protein in the urine. too much is not good.
Every appt I have I am weighed and protein checks done on urine. OB also checks blood pressure and listens to baby's heartbeat. I had the same with my first pregnancy.

I have shared care with my GP and the public hospital.

I get weighed, BP taken and urine sample at every appt. It was like that with my first pregnancy and this one seems to be the same so far.

I had pre-eclampsia and one of the first symptoms can be protein in the urine.

I have a friend who had her DD two weeks before me and she was private. She was never weighed (not even at the first appt), her BP was only occasionally checked and she never had to give a urine sample. She had an ultrasound every visit from 12 weeks.

Goes to show the difference between the public and private.
[Edited on 10/03/2008]

I get my blood pressure checked at every visit, but i have NEVER had to do a urine sample, except when i first found out i was preggers....

I also have only had my weight checked once, and that was because i asked to jump on the scales coz i was curious as too how much i put on, i was 28 weeks preg at the time....

differant OBs have differant things that they do and find effective.

I had the same OB for DS and DD and
with DS he was in another practice with lots of other doctors so i had to have aurine test every time blood pressure etcetcetc..

this time my OB had moved and has his own practice and i never once did a urine test..

and thats with the same OB.
so differant rules and every hospital/practice.

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