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weight put on Lock Rss

i was just wondering how much weight all you lovely mums out there put on whilst being pregnant?
with DS#1 i put on 7kgs and he was born 3.075kg. and for some weird reason after he was born i weighed more then when i was pregnant.
with DS#2 i only put on 2kgs and he was born 2.945kg. but another weird thing happened after he was born i was 10kgs lighter. go figure??? :~
im not back to my original weight before having my darling boys, but hey.... at least i have to very healthy boys (knock on wood). i can only hope that all the walking im doing will help. smile

Amina, mum of 3 boys 06/03, 03/05, 06/08

I do heaps of walking and now I'm smaller then even before I got pregnant with #1, She is nearly 3 now and #2 is 7 months, I cant really remember how much weight I put on but I'm pretty sure it was only baby weight as everyone said I didnt really look "heavier" in other places.
I think alot of my weight loss after birth is due to breastfeeding as I put alot back on when i stopped with my oldest, still feeding my baby.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

hi ,

I am currently 27 weeks and have put on about 9 kgs. I seem to be all belly and boobs this time round.
With #1 i put on a ridiculous 27 kg. Kane was a healthy 4.005 kg (8lb 15oz). I had only lost 14kgs of it before i became pregnant again. So I'm hoping i wont put on much more.
I am 36 weeks with my first and have put on 7kg's - it appears to be all bubs and fluids ect with only a bit of extra fat on me.

Hi Everyone!

Can it be a weight take off also?? LOL!
When I fel pregnant with my first I was 97.2kg - a slight bit overweight :{ and when I went in to have bub I was 97.7kg smile.
5 days after having bub I was 84kg YAY!!! Then 6 months later I stopped BF and started drinking the odd beer or 6, bourbon or 4, enjoying my chips and nibblies on the WE with drinks etc and am back to 101kg.
So now I am pregnant again, I plan to keep this lot off when it is born!!!!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

hey only 26 wks pregnant n have put on about 10kgs...but apparently twins will do that to u...i have lost 100g since last week tho...something i was smug about after seeing the medical doc at the hospital n getting told i was fat every 30 seconds

kristy, QLD, mum to andrew and emma 16/02/06

I am pregnant with my first and at 34wks have put on 6kgs. Though for the past month and a half its been back to 4kgs, and up to 7kgs. Unforetunately for me I just look like I've been overeating, not carrying a child! And it's also been my tum and my butt (at least I think) that have been the areas of small growth, not so much my small chest! I am happy with this though, as I was expecting alot more, and sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between being pregnant and 'getting fat', so for the last 6wks I would like to say I'm just going to forget the scales....But that probably won't happen!
with my first child i went from 65kgs to 81kgs she was 7lb 7oz wen she finally came. i worked my way to 70kgs but could lose anymore. now with my second child i had lost 11kgs within the first trimester and i have only gained 3 of them back. doctor says i should eat everything any anything i can, so i have been but in the past 4 wks still havent gained even 1kg. thankfully my baby boy due on the 29th april 2006 is perfect. not a thing wrong. just wish i could gain abit more as most pregnant women do.

kelly, Q.L.D, 3yr old girl & baby boy on the way

Hi, I had my daughter in Feb this year, I am 182cm tall and was 62kgs then when I was pregnant I went up to 80kgs so I put on 18kgs, she was born at a little over 4kgs, so that is still 14kgs extra, but it fell off me (with breastfeeding and walking everyday) I got back down to 63kgs before I fell pregnant again, I am now 14 weeks and have put on 2kgs, so we will see how much I put on this time.
Hi girls,
I put on 16kg with my boy (who was 3860g).
Congrats to the mum who put on 23kg!!!!
I am still breastfeeding him which is most likely why I now weigh 3kg LESS than when I got pregnant.
Not complaining about that!

YM04, DS Sept 04 & Baby girl Nov 06

Well I must be the winner for weight gain.

I put on a whopping 26kgs when pregnant with my DD. I gave birth weighing 96kgs - I lost 15kgs within the first 3weeks as I had alot of fluid retention she was 3610g- she is a year old now and I weigh 65kg 5kgs less than when I conceived.

We have decided that we would like to start ttc#2 towards the end of this year but I am scared of getting huge again. I didn't eat too bad during my 1st pregnancy - actually sufferred from HG (severe vomiting) for 20weeks and could only eat carrots and jelly till it passed.

My mum also had huge 20+ kg weightgains with her pregnancys (all 6 of them) and always ended up fitting into her size 10 jeans a couple of months after birth so I wonder if weight gain can be predetermined by genes.

Leah, NZ, Izzy 07/01/05 & #2 EDD 13/12/06

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