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negative blood HELP!!! Lock Rss

My sister is 13 weeks pregnant and got her first blood test reults back only to find she is o negative, the doc told her she needs her partner to be tested to see wat his blood type is... If it is a positive there could be something wrong with the baby.... We havnt heard of this before just wanted to know if any of you have experienced this.. Wat happened... Thanx


hey shell,
i have o- blood and im 32 weeks pregnant. I found out on my second visit to the doctors that i was o-, they never tested my partner though. They explanned to me that because i was o- and that the baby could possibly be a + blood group that i would need to have injections of Anti D at 28 wks and 34 wks pregnant. This injection is to stop my blood interferring with the blood of the baby which can cause the body to fight against the baby as an infection as they are different blood groups. I have had no problems with my pregnancy everything has been fine, they do blood checks to see if your blood has exchanged into the womb but other then that you cant do much. Your sister shoule be fine just get all the information from the doctor on negative blood groups (anti D) and pregnancy it should explain it a little better. hopefully i have helped a little and try not to worry to much.

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

I'm 0- as well.. not really worried about it... long as I get my needles I'm happy!

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