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things to do??? Lock Rss

hey, i have 7 weeks to go and i am running out of things to do during the day and its driving me nuts.
does anyone have any ideas??

Thanks paula

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

hi paula.
i still have about 10weeks to go and ive been going nuts with nothing to do for weeks. so i'm interested to see what people suggest here...

i quite often go to the local library and get out some books on babies, breastfeeding and nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Im not usually a reader but finding this helps fill in my day and prepares me for things to come. Also when im feeling alright i do some baking - biscuits and slices and stuff.

I'm guessing youve already sorted your baby things a thousand times and your house is nice and clean lol.

enjoy the peace, in 7 weeks you'll be wanting to sit down and do nothing, if only for 5 mins...

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05


I hear that. I am 34 weeks and do the days drag smile

Im lucky at the moment I am still at uni and trying to study for end of year exams, but all that finished in a week and then its just me and the house.

My partner works and the drive is about an hour away so he leaves at 6:15am and gets home about 5pm. All day and nothing to do.

I will read I think, and maybe get some walknig in when I feel ok. Take the dogs fro a run down the beach (as this is about a 5 min walk from home). Walking is meant to be great for preg ladies, Ive been told makes labour that little bit better (if thats possible).

I find that when I am home at the moment I walk into the nursery about 10 times a day and fold and refold my little girls clothes, its crazy but keeps me occupied. Maybe give that a go LOL smile

If you come up with something let me know


hey paula,
in my last few weeks i loved going on the internet sites to see what my baby looked like as it was growing week by week go to yahoo and search pregnancy week by week is awsome and also i loved sleeping coz i couldnt do much else

simone,tas,17week old madison

i left work 4 wks before my baby was due and i too got totally bored. I used to work 7days a wk and with my husband at work whilst i was at home i had nothing to do. I did some cleaning for the first wk then i just watched tv for the rest of the time and caught up with friends. IOne thing i didnt get a lot of was sleep though, My baby is now almost 4 wks old and my best advice to u is to get as much sleep and rest as possible cause once bubs comes you wont b getting too much thats for sure. Just relax and enjoy some time to urself
Good Luck

Baby Kaleb 1 years old

I have found that making Christmas Cards is good for passing time and really keeps you thinking, this is my second year of making them and have improved dramatically since last years lol. The only set back I have is not being able to sit down for long periods of time as my bubs gets into my ribs causing extreme pain sad I have 4 weeks to go and have only been able to make a handfull of cards lol. Sleeping is great - passes the time nice and quickly with very little effort hehe. My two horses also keep me busy (both are only still youngins, 1 x yearling & 1 x 2 year old)

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