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6 Month old with another on the way!! Lock Rss

Just wondering if any Ladies out there could give me some advice, I have a beautiful 6 month old baby girl and i have just found out today that i am again pregnant!I am so very happy about it but I am quite scared and worried about having 2 under 2, is it as hard as people say?? any advice or tips would be much appreciated...

I don't have my two yet but I can pass on what a few people have told me.

* a routine will help alot
* have cuddle time etc with your first so they don't feel left out

Some days will be hard and others will be as normal.

I'm going to have 13 almost 14 months between my two so I to am quite scared. I couldn't imagine having another little baby around especially as DS is such a mummies boy. Would love to chat more.

Alyce and Connor xo

Thanks for your reply, i think your right about routine, i think that will be the key thing..I too at the moment cant imagine having another little one to take care of but i guess i felt that way the first time i was preg to lol.. How is your pregnancy going so far?
My pregnancy so far is good so far, we had a little hiccups not long ago but all is good now. I had pre-eclampsia with DS so they are worried I will get it again but I hope not. I've got just over 10 weeks left. You will soon realise how fast your 2nd pregnancy will go running after a little one as Connor was almost 5 months old when I fell pregnant again. How's your pregnancy? How did everyone take it when they found out?

Good to hear that everthings goin ok, My partner was over the moon he's from a big family so he wants about 5 kids! my parents were fine about it but they think we should have waited longer in between and we havn't really told anyone else yet as im only 2 months(we think) How did people react when you told them? .. Im feeling great at the moment i was very sick all throughout my last pregnancy ended up in hosp a couple of times from dehydration so im really hoping that this time round is different.
Hi girls,
Well I glad Im not the only one thats a littlw orried about hw we'll manage two.
I have a nearly 9 month old now and Im 14 weeks pregnant. My bubs are going to be 14ish months apart and sometimes I wonder how we do it with just one, Lol.
We didnt "plan" this second bubba- but we didnt go out of our way to make sure it didnt happen. I have Poly cystic ovarian syndrome and it took us three years to have our first so we thought with the second whatever happens, happens....only it happened super fast! Lol.
Both hubby and I are delighted and we knew we always wanted out bubba's close but sometimes when DD is having a bad day we look at each other and wonder how we are going to juggle everything!
Hubby's mum was delighted to hear the news. My mum went quiet and said "well thats the last thing I expected you to say. You;ll have your hands full"....geez thanks for the support mum, LOL. I havent told my friends yet (Im the first of us to have babies and they already think 23 is too young, let alone 2 babies at the ages of 24.) I know how they'll them a baby is the worst possible thing that could happen. To me, a baby (that may have never happened naturally) is the greatest gift in the world.

Im sure one DD is sleeping well for us I wont panic as much some days, LOL..or should I say feel overwhelmed at the thought of a terror toddler and a newborn.
I figure, lets roll with this- we are women and we all know a good woman can handle anything smile

Hey Ladies

I have a DS whom will be 1 on saturday, the same day my other DS will be 8 weeks.

I was so scared at how I would cope and now that bub is here it is not as hard as I thought. The times that are the hardest are getting in and out of the car/house if I am on my own. I carry 8wk down stairs and put him in the pram, get DS1yr and take him to the car, go back in front door to get bub. Same for returning, DS 8 wk out to foyer, DS 1yr out of car and upstairs back down stairs and get bub.

I have even started them sleeping in the same room and today they went for a sleep at the same time and when DS 1yr woke he did not wake bub.

I also have 2 older school age children and I am more relaxed at 8 wks post birth this time then i have been with anyo of the others. LOL

Good luck

edited to add:

Yes there are times when I feel like pulling my hair out (though both are good at doing that for me smile] ) when they are both crying and wanting something at the same time but you manage. The worse is when you change 3 dirty nappies in 20 mins. sad(]
[Edited on 12/03/2008]

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hi there i am leah 22 and have 3 dds under 3, i am also expecting another bub in october. by th time this baby comes into the world i will have dd1 3.5 years, dd2 2 years exactly, dd3 11 months and bub.

i just wanted to pop in and say that it's not as bad as some make it out to be so long as you have routine. in all honesty i believe its the early days which are hardest as you have a brand new baby to get into a routine and the sleepless nights, ect. not to mention an older sibling wanting to play with the baby. it does get easier and is great seeing them play together and being great friends because they are so close. dd3 is almost 5 months old and has now just started to interact with dd1&dd2 more and more. dd1 is great with her but dd2 thinks she is a little dolly sometimes so i have to step in and tell her not to try and pick bubby up, lol.

dd1 and dd2 do have fights and it is just so cute to see. but 5 mins later they are running around the house like monkeys as if they have never argued in their life, lol. they do so much together and it is great because it gives me time out. i told you their ages but now i will tell you their age gaps between dd1 and dd2 is 17.5 months, between dd2 and dd3 11.5 months and there will be 11.5 months between dd3 and this one so that makes it 2.5 years between dd1 and dd3 which also means there will be 3.5 years between dd1 and bub#4.

best of luck and if you ever wnt any advice or just to talk just pm me. you will be fine just have faith in yourself and you will be ok. in a years time you will think back on this and think 'what was i worried about'

Thank god - I thought I was the only one!!!

I have a 3.5 yr old daughter and a 13 mth old daughter and due in 15 weeks (always early though) so will have 16-17 mths between youngest two.

When I first found out, I was still going through PND with my youngest who at time was 8 mths (still getting treatment for it) and was very tempted to not go through with the pregnancy even though we have always wanted at least 3 children.

I'm still finding it hard to realise that I will have 3 kids under 4 yrs and all just as I turn 30. I felt too young and not ready to have my last baby yet.

I found that having 2 babies - like most people have said - you need routine. I functioned much better and so did my girls. That way, I knew when they were due for a feed, sleep, bath, whatever and could plan my day around that. Also, try and get your oldest involved. They might be too young to do much, but if they are easy going with the new bub, it will make it a lot easier on you than if they are jealous.

Good luck!

Wow it's more common than we thought. I originally wanted five but DF only wants 2 at the moment and possibly a 3rd later on. My parents were okay when they found out about the second one but DF's family were disappointed bu we don't care. We ar ehappy they are going to be close now especially since we got two boys so close. Hopefully I will get my girl down the track.

Wow 4 under do you think you will go with that?

I have 2 kids, 12 months and 10 days apart! (and one on the way!) (DS is 2.5, DD is 1.5 and im 11 weeks preg) u do the math, lol!

I found out i was preg with DD when DS was only 12 and a half weeks old (hehe)..and like others, wasnt planned, it just happened! A good surprise tho,and DP was just as happy (eventually,lol!).

I found the biggest obstacle about having 2 under 2,was nappies!! OMG!!! The amount of money i spend on nappies and wipes is phenominal! U can understand why im pushing to TT them BOTH before this bub comes,lol! (DS is almost completely there, and DD is starting to show an interest, so u never know!)

The best thing about having them so close in age, is that now theyr toddlers, they play together,and are interested in similar things. Altho of course DS is a little more advanced in his speech and motor skills than his sister, she still manages to keep up with him,and i truelly believe shes learning alot just from being around him!

As for sleeping..she used to sleep like a log! DS was actually more difficult to get to bed than her, but thats coz he was a "spoiled only child"for so long, and developed the habit to be sooky.

my advice is, if u have a sooky bub now, try and get them to self settle as soon as possible,and adjust to alone time (get them interested in watching movies or drawing), coz u'll need time alone with the new bub to feed or bond or whatever,and a clingy toddler could make that tricky,if your home alone!

Theres so much more i could go on about, but u will figure it all out soon enuff,and you'll wonder what you were so worried about!


Dont EVER feel like u wont have enough love for both babies (or love one more than the other)-coz u will have MORE than enough love, for 100 babies! It just comes with being a mum!

Best of luck,and congrats!!!

Raych xxo

Posted by: AlyceBrendon&Connor

Wow 4 under do you think you will go with that?

i take it you were asking me, lol. ummm..... well im not sure how i am going to cope, hehe. dd1 and dd2 were planned to be 18 months apart well they nearly were. but dd3 and this bub were planned but not this early i wanted to wait until dd2 was 2 before having another but yeah didnt happen that way. but i wouldn't change it for the world. i love all 3 of them and already falling in love with this baby. financially we would be better off with another girl as we dont need to buy too much but i would LOVE to have a boy this time around.

i think that as long as i stick to my routine then i should be ok with 4 under 4. its just a point of juggling my time between them all and making sure there is still time for dh and also time out for myself. at the moment its easy to spend 1 on 1 with each of the girls. dd1 doesnt nap during the day so when the younger 2 are asleep thats dd1 and my 1 on 1 time. dd2 wakes about 2 hours earlier than dd1 and dd3 so thats the 1 on 1 with her so tiring because its at 5 am, lol. and well when dh comes home he spends time with dd1 and dd2 so i can have my 1 on 1 with dd3. so yeah i think it is going to have o shuffle around a bit when bubby comes along.

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