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lack of antenatal care options Lock Rss

just wondering if any other mums to be are in an area with limited care options? Where i live everyone has to go the public hospital antenatal clinic where you generally see a different person everytime and even though im classified high risk i havent seen an obstetrician once in 28 weeks with my first and second pregnancys i was seeing an ob at least once a month from when i found out then twice a month from 20 weeks i feel like as long as my bp is normal and the height of the fundas and babys heart beat are ok they really dont care how im doing i was hospitalized with a severe uti at 25 weeks but at my 28 week check they didnt even take a urine sample my eldest daughter was born at 34 weeks due to prom caused by a uti AHHHHH sorry for the long windedness im just so frustatrated so if anyone has any ideas on different care options or have had to put up with this themselves id love to hear from you!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Hi Violet,

As a Nurse who is expecting her first child on the 15/12/05 I am appalled at the way you are being treated. You don't say what part of Australia you are in. Usually with a high risk pregnancy you would be seeing an OB at some of your visits. Care through the antenatal clinic in most general hospitals is pretty much the always see whoever is on. The only way around this is to be a private patient and choose your own OB. I am also classified as a high risk pregnancy and even though I have had a perfect pregnancy so far, I have seen my OB every 6 weeks in her rooms and usually had a scan. I have been having fornightly visits since 29 weeks with scans to monitor baby's size. This will continue until 37 weeks when I am booked in to have an elective c-section. I live in Launceston, so I have no choice, public or private, you give birth in the Launceston General Hospital. I also work here as an RN in the Angiography Suite. Following the birth, if you are private you have the option, if you and baby are well to transfer to St.Lukes Private, so all things being ok, that is what we will do. Do you have the option of going to a town nearer by?? Perhaps you could ask to speak to the Nurse Unit Manager of the antenatal clinic and discuss your concerns with her. As an Rn in a public hospital I know that there are channels to bring your concerns to hospital management to be addressed so don't be afraid to speak up........good luck and I'll be interested to hear how you get on.

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

hi violet
I am only just pregnant and am completely daunted, I think I am about 4 weeks so I went to my local gp and announced that we think we are pregnant, I didn't even get a urine test to make sure my tests wern't wrong, no blood test, nothing, I was shoved off in the direction of the local antinatal clinic ( i have to waid 2 weeks) and am completely daunted by it all as I have never been around anyone pregnant (not in detail anyway) and I feel completely lost, there is however another gp I will try and hope for the best. I have a history of endometriosis and cin 3 (pre cervical cancer). I moved from the city for a quiet life but am fast realising I am missing my obgyn. I don't know what to do now either, hope for the best or continue to go back to the city for care. I'm feeling your pain.

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