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fluid loss and blood help plz Lock Rss

hi guys

iam pregnant with my third child which is a girl just need some advise,
last 3 weeks i been losing fluid but i had antenatal the other day and i told my doc that i had been loosing fluid and one day it was bad that it covered the whole back of my nightie ect and now i have to wear pads and i had been spotting blood ect he said if it happens again its proberly infection is this right as he didnt seem to concered but can a infection cause fluid loss ?

and i just went to toilet and its like a red turn to brown blood so i will make appointment? any advise would be great coz it doesnt hurt to go to the toilet? so i though it wouldnt be a infection.

thanks stacey

mother of three beautiful children

Hi Stacey
if you havent seen someone yet id take yourself to your doc and ask them to do a spec if nothings wrong then at least you will feel better ive had some fluid loss with my 2nd and now this pregnancy and they told me it was caused by thrush also i was hospitilized with an infection i didnt know i had a month ago it was a uti and the only symptom i had was severe back ache no problems when i went to the loo and as far as the blood is concerned they need to find out why that is happening you dont mention how far along you are but you should really go and get your self checked out and dont leave until you feel reassured that you and your baby are okay
good luck i hope everything is ok

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

hey stacey,
when i was about 36 weeks pregnant i lost alot of fluid too.That much i thought it was my waters breaking (first pregnancy) turns out it was just urine from the extra pressure because my baby was head down and ready to come i wore pads as far are you? I kept loosing fluid untill madison was born 1 day overdue.
Hope i helped.

simone,tas,17week old madison

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