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Bleeding Gums Lock Rss

Hi all,

I'm interested in hearing about your experience with bleeding gums. Mine started out just bleeding when I brushed (I've started being a bit more careful with brushing and note other people's advice to use a softer brush and brush a few times a day - am doing so). Now they've advanced to spontaeously bleeding after I've eaten!!

Anyone else having problems like this? I've also had a couple of blood noses. Just wondering if I should be worried.
Hi. I dont really know about blood nose. I've had nothing like that. But my gums bleed when im brushing too and lately my gums have been really puffy and feel a bit inflamed or something and start to bleed for no reason sometimes too. Ive been thinking about going to go visit the dentist...

This might be a bit late, but bleeding gum is a sign of pregnancy gingivitis. A visit to a dental hygienist before pregnancy or during the first trimester is important. Try googling this for more information.

Thank you God

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