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Cin 2 and pregnancy Lock Rss

after i had noah about 4months ago i found out i had cin2 and 2 months ago had laser surgery and cone biopsy just wondering if this poses a more of a risk of miscariage?
I read somewhere that you may need to have a stitch put in your cervix.
Does anyone know anything on this subject?

Hi Miss Mum

I was diagnosed with Cin 2 after the birth of my 2nd daughter. She was born in 2000. I was diagnosed in early 2001 after my 6 week checkup. I had the same treatment as you. I fell pregnant again early 2003. So it had been exactly 2 years in between. I had no problems with the pregnancy and didn't have to have a stitch or anything. Everything progressed normally. The only problem I had was in Labour when after 2 natural births my labour didn't progress so I ended up needing a c/section. They think that maybe my cervix was fused due to the treatment of cin2, but in saying that they are also not sure if it was for that reason or not. So who knows.

Congrats on your pregnancy. Everything should be just fine.
Good luck.

Hi there, I had CIN3 and needed laser surgery and the works. I had no problems at all. My labor progressed normally.

Good luck, am sure you will be fine!

I had CIN3 after the birth of DS1. I had a Lletz excision of the cervix as well as some laser treatment. About 6 months later I had a miscarriage (OB assured me it wasn't related) but didn't pass the feotal matter as my cervix wouldn't dilate due to scar tissue. After a D&C I fell pregnant straight away with DS2. My water broke at 30 weeks gestation (I was 4 cm dilated with a slow leak). Not sure if it is related to the surgery for CIN as we don't know which occured first - water breaking or dilating cervix.

Robert (31 Jan 04) & Jeremy (7 Dec 05 @30 weeks)

I found out I had CIN3 when I was 12 weeks pregnant. After my DD was born at my 6 week check-up, my Ob did another pap smear and it went to CIN4 so I had a cone biopsy. That was in 2004. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and my Ob (different one to when DD was born) sees me every 2 weeks just to make sure the cervix is holding up. Everything is fine but she insists I take it easy this pregnancy. She did mention that if the cervix looks like it isn't coping well, she will put a stitch in but so far so good.
Good luck.
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