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Older first time mum Lock Rss

Hi all,

My name is Kathy and I have just discovered this site as I was on the net looking for baby info.

I am 36 and this is our first baby. I am due 23/06/06 so that makes me about 9 weeks. Other than being really tired I have managed to avoid being sick which is a huge relief.

Wondered if there are others out there who are older first time mums? Love to chat.

Hi Kathy,
Well Iam old to if you concider us 35+ older, just more mature I reckon. I am having my seventh baby due 18/06/2005 so I am only a week ahead and would love to chat. Talk soon
Hi Leeanne,

Thanks for your reply. I guess that I'm feeling a bit old due to the drs all calling me 'older', mind you I'm so tired that I feel pretty old right now. lol

I'm actually quite well, not sick except that hungry sick feling if I dont eat regularly.

I have my first u/s next thursday so I'm looking forward to that.

Wow 7 babies...I'm wondering what I've got myself in for with making the decision to start having babies at now. I work as a business consultant so I work from home a bit. I will only keep one or two clients and that should give me a day a week of work later.

Hmm we'll see how it goes.

Hi Kathy! Im Tracy and i have also just discovered this site! I had my son on the 31st of July this year with a 12 year age gap between children! I was 34 when i had him it is like being a 1st time mum all over again. Firstly i hope all goes well with the ultrasound! Hey Leeanne you are fantasic seven children wow!!!!! chat soon
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