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Has any been able to tell? Lock Rss

Hi all,

Im 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have been told by my midwife that my little girl has not turned yet.

I was wondering if any out there could tell when their little one turned? Like did you get a 'feeling'?

I ask this because I was lying in bed last night and was getting really sharp pains in my pelvic area and they happened maybe every 20 minutes and when I got one it was that intense that I would jump. I thought that maybe that was my little girls head engaging... But then again I could be wrong.

Also does anyone know, if the baby turns and gets ready for the birth is it possible for the baby to turn again?

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can get her to turn Im all ears. smile

Any help or signs would be much appricated.

Cheers Ladies and good luck with your bubs


Hi Eb,

My son layed transverse until about 35 weeks. I thought he had moved as I felt his back instead of just hands and feet all the time. I also got alot bigger at the time - it was like my tummy fell forward.

I have never had a baby that liked the bum down position however so I am not much help in that department.

Good luck. I hope she has turned.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

Hi Eb,

I too am 34 weeks pregnant. The only way to know for sure if the baby's head has engaged is via scan. Usually they don't engage until closer to the actual due date or later if you are going to go over. My baby was in a head down position in my last scan at 31 weeks, but during the scan we watched her roll around and eventually she ended up across my tummy again. She has often been in that position. Again when I had my scan Tuesday, initially she was head down, but moved again by the end of the scan. You will feel pressure, when the head is engaged and also your tummy will drop, so that it looks like the whole thing has 'moved' down. My little girl likes to kick me in the groin also, this makes me jump and my hubby laugh. I only have 4 weeks to go, because I am having a c-section on the 15th December......I can't believe its just around the corner. Hope this helps, smile

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

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