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Girls arriving early Lock Rss

Just curious to know how many of you had girls that arrived before your due date.

my first was a girl and she came 9 days late!! my second was a boy and came 3 days late, this one is another boy and i think will be late also. i just am not lucky enough for my bubs to come early - they like it in there too much!!!

My girl came 10 days late sorry! lol
My 1st little girl came 4 weeks (exactly) early and weighed 2.26kg and had to be in Special Care for 3 weeks because of high jaundice levels, unable to keep body temp up and continuously having aponeas (however you spell it!!).

My 2nd little girl was 2 weeks (exactly again!) early and weighed 3.05kg and was able to come straight into the room with me - yay!!

I'm due in 12 weeks and odds are that it will be early again but not sure what we are having. I have heard that it runs in the family. My husband was 7 weeks early and I was 2 weeks early.

Sorry, nearly 2 weeks late.

Depends on the person more then the sex of the child I would say!


My daughter came 2 weeks early but I was induced due to pre eclampsia so she wasn't exactly coming at her own accord.
my DD was born at 32 weeks
my DD came 2 days early. i was 2 weeks early and dp was a few days late.
with this one i am not sure, all my dp brothers and sisters were early.
and its the same with my family except one came a week late

Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think it has anything to do with sex of baby. I think it basically comes down to they arrive when they are ready..
My DS was 2 wks early and my DD was 2 days overdue but probably would have been more if I hadn't been induced..

My son was 2 days early and my daughter was 1 week over.
My DD was 4 days late.......

My DD was born at 38 weeks and DS was born at 41 weeks...

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