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High Risk results NT scan - Anyone like to join a support group Lock Rss

Hi there

Fellow Huggies Club Mummies and Daddies. I am 13 weeks pregnant and have recived the news that our third child is in the high risk fact of 1:152 My second child was 1:16000 I did not have the NT scan with my first daughter as I was only 24. It is a worrying time. we have an appointment for genetic counselling this week and it looks like we will be having an amino in week 16. I am only 31 and having a great pregnancy until we recieved the news a few days ago.
I know there is a million people out there that are in a worse situation it still does not stop you worrying

Please respond

Hi Kristie

I am expecting my first and am heading into a similar situation as far as a high risk pregnancy -mine however is genetic related. I have had genetic councelling before TTC and now although only 5 weeks I have my CVS booked in at 11 weeks so I will find out the news - its a very anxious time I understand. I am 33. Whats done is done as far as the little person inside us so its only a matter of time now to find out. Good luck and be strong. smile

Hey ladies,

I went thtough a similair thing... I was only 24 and my results came back 1 in 100... We had the amnio done and it was the worst time of my life...

The stress and emotion, but all turned out well in the end.

Amnio wise, it didn't hurt at all, just take someone with you who will hold your hand, it is the emotional pain that hurts so much more.

We also paid an extra $100 for a FICH (I think it is or FISH) test which delivers the results in 24 hours, as opposed to the week wait.

Well worth the money.
Hi there

Well tomorrow night is a genetic counselling but the truth is after thinking about it for a week or so. There is not much we can do until the results come back from the annimo. On the weekend our 8 month old suffered a minor asthma attack and even though it was a minor one that required a small visit to hospital it still helps put everything into prospective. We have 2 beautiful children and one on the way their happyiness safety and well beign is our concern

Generally I am feeling much better and waiting to cross the next bridge as it approaches. I am a big believer that we are thrown theese challenges for a reason

Good Luck in everyone's scans and testes my thoughts are with you

Especially if it is your first baby

Cheers Kristie

Hi Kristie,

With my last one the NT and bloods came back with a 1 in 36 chance that I disagreed with. They stuffed the dates around. The professor rechecked and it still came back as 1 in 83 so I went ahead with the amnio.

The amnio cleared her of everything. It doesn't necessarily mean that anything is wrong so chin up girl. Try not to stress about it cause that is the worst part.

I will probably have to have another amnio with with one as I am 39. I think they rig them for us older mums lol

Good luck


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Hi Kristie

I had my NT Scan on 25th Feb and at the time baby all looked fine etc and we were happy but then next day I get a phone call from my Doctor saying she needs to see me as it came back HIGH RISK this really worried me as so far I have 3 very healthy kids (never had NT Scans with them) and this is my 4th I'm pregnant with now and i'm now 35yrs old turning 36 in June. So anyway I see my dr she explains to me that often it can come back high even when there is nothing wrong and age has a bit too do with high results too.
My baby's NT measurement was 2.6mm which I have since read on the net is not too bad they say anything above 3.5mm can be more of a worry.

So anyway my dr explained to me that the only way to know 100% was to have an Amnio done at 15 weeks, I was heaps scared of this but read up heaps on the procedure plus talked to a few mums on here and then i felt much better knowing what to expect.

I had my procedure done on 20th March getting near 2 weeks ago now, but I'm still waiting for the results as I had to wait the full 2 WEEKS which has been a real pain and a more stressing time awaiting to hear but the place I had it done didn't offer results any quckier.

Hopefully I get my results this coming Thursday if not by Friday so it already seems this week is dragging on. Before the Amnio I had an u/s that all seemed fine and the lady said bub looked good and was growing well but they didn't give off any indication whether it has downs or anything like that only the test will reviel that. So yeah I have been worrying like crazy as my risk factor was a 1 in 6 chance so very high!!

As for the Amnio procedure itself I was amazed that it didn't hurt and was so quick, I would definetly have that again if needed, had no problems after just my tummy felt a bit sore like I'd been doing situps, its all very safe how they do it as they use the U/S so they know where the baby is so the needle goes nowhere near the bub.

Anyway hope all goes well for you and let us know when you have to have your amnio. Hopefully I'll get a good result back too so then I can start to relax with this pregnancy.

Hi Haley

Ypur post is very comforting our nuchalar fold is 3.4mm but our risks are 1:154
I will let you know how I go after the specialist appointment tonight
Thanks Again

Great to hear only 3 weeks difference in our due dates

Cheers Kristie

Hi Kristie
i am currently preg with my first 2 babies (yes twins) and i didnt have a high NT result but rather a high AFP result which is the neural tube defect. I wasnt offered amnio at the time but rather waited for my 20 week scan which i have just had done. All spines and brains appeared normal. This did set my mind at ease. I did worry about the result when i first got told of higher chances of problems but did a bit of research to find out what % of the results are false positives.
I wish you well for your pregnancy and your amnio

Hi all

I thought NT may have meant Neural Tube. I had a high risk of neural tube defect with DS - 1:4, reduced to 1:7 after they re-calculated my dates.

Turns out, he did not have a neural tube defect at all (found this out at 19 week scan) and he was born 100% healthy.

To all of you, stay positive - these tests are in no way 100% accurate - they are just an indication of risk, not a guarantee that there is any defect.

All the best to all of you....

I believe the NT scan is the nuchal translucency scan performed between 11-13 weeks in conjunction with the blood tests.

Hi Mandy

Yes you are 100% right it is a combination of an ultrasound blood and your age and weight to determine your risk of having a baby with a chromsone defect at the scan thay measure the fluid behind the neck and an increased amount of fluid above 2.5mm increases your risk Factor.

I went to my specialist last night and he was very re assuring that our 1:154 is just a risk factor we are booked for annimo next Thursday. he was saying the chance of a misscarriage is now 0.25%

Thank you for everyone's support

Cheers Kristie

Hi Ladies,

When it was time to get tested at 12 weeks, we decided against it... i dont know if it is selfish of us or not, but we would prefer not to know..... At our 18-20week scan she had a look and did something anyways, and when i had my follow up appointment with my OB she didnt mention anything and said bub was fine?? So im not too sure if i was right in my decision or not, but i wouldnt have done it any differently.....

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