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cost of 3d/4d scans Lock Rss

hi just wondering how much everone has paid for 3d scans. mine is next tuesday and costing $255 and all that includes is the scan. i ave to take my own dvd! i cant claim anything back either

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hmmm, I am wondering who told you that you couldn't claim anything back?? I had a 3d scan on Tuesday at my OB's and the cost was the same as having a regular scan, because they use the same machine. It cost $260 for scan and OB visit combined. I went down to Medicare and recieved $245 back, so effectively it cost me $15. I have reached my medicare threshold for the year, so I get back 80% of all my medical expenses. But even if you haven't hit your threshold you should still get something back. Personally I would take my receipt down and hand it over to see. Cheers

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

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