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Cant get rid of Thrush Lock Rss

Hi All

i know not a nice topic, but ive had thrush constantly for the last 29 weeks (since before i found out i was pregnant) i take inner health plus for the acidophulus and use the canestan cream ive also tried every single pessary on the market its getting so bad now that im up half the night with it the midwives have suggested a few different things yogurt, vinegar, using less soap but ive tried it all!!!! does anyone have any ideas how to make it go away? im desperate!

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Hi there,

how can you tell if you have thrush?


hey violet i have just borrowed a book from the library called the green pharmacy and its basically herbal remedies for common conditions...
heres what it says about thrush

try adding a tsp of fresh garlic juice(???) to a few tablespoons of youghurt then either soak a tampon in it or use it as a douche twice a also says this treatment may not win any awards in the odour department but is very effective

or use 2-3 drops of tea tree oil or cardamom in a tsp of youghurt then soak a tampon in it insert the tampon at night for up to 6 nights.

there is about 3 pages more but they say these are the most effective.. the last one is an old folk remedy which many doctors still reccomemd
add 3 cups of cider vinegar to a hot bath and soak for 20 mins

now obviously i am not a doctor and would check with one before inserting anything up there especially when it comes to oils etc.. i hope they give u the all clear and some of these work.. if u want to check the book out it is called the green pharmacy by dr james a duke...

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I'll start with my biggest sympathies. I get thrush quite often and badly but it has always cleared up with polonged treatment.
Something I found helped was just some fresh air. Cause I was studing before being pregnant I spent alot of time at home and was able to... air the area. dampness always seemed to make it worse, especially the itching.
Dunno if that will help
Good luck

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personally i think you need to go and see a gyny cause it is not normal to have it for that long, you probly need to find out why you can't get rid of it and only a gyny will be able to do that!
i get it all the time but it is never constent! go see a gyny (and a private one if you can) they are much better.
Thrush also has alot to do with your diet - try to eliminate your intake of sugary foods and foods that contain yeast as this is what thrush lives and thrives on.

hey violet, sorry i can't help very much, but i heard an ad on the radio today for a tablet you can take ... i meant to write down the name for you but i forgot to and now i can't remember it ... something like dilukin ... maybe ... sorry smile ill pay more attention next time

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