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Anyone out there havind or had twins Lock Rss

Hi I am preggers with my first 2 babies. I am hoping to chat with anyone that has had, having or knows much about twins.

Thanx Mandy

Hi Mandy

A big Congrats to you on your pregnancy. How are you feeling. Are you still in shock lol. I have almost 8 month old boy/girl twins. Its a scarey time when you find out but soooo exciting at the same time. How much help do you have around you. Oh its hard some days but we get to experiance what so many other people don't get to. Like the interaction between the babies. Its been quite amazing even from the start. One of my babies jumped when the other was getting their needles, the ones when they are first born.

I was lucky and had a great pregnacy. The twins were born at 37 weeks by c/section. Both babies were about 5 and a half pound and very healthy. The first 3 months were pretty good, fed them both at the same time, Yep Breastfeed both at the same time lol, and to bed at the same time. The next 3 months were a little harder, still sleep now at the same time for the most part but feed at different times, just feel like a cow sometimes. But for the most part, apart from your really bad days, which you have even with one baby not to bad.

Anyway, instead of bombarding you with lots of information and dribble lol, let me no what you want to know. Will be happy to tell you how I have gone if I can. For now though, get as much rest as you can. You will need it.

Congrats again.
Take Care

Hi Collette
thanx so much for your reply. Not in shock anymore. We found out at an 8 week scan that there were 2. We are now just over half way so the shock is gone and now the excitement begins as i can feel them moving now. Not always sure which one it is moving, but definately moving.
I am glad to hear that breastffeding went well for you. I hope to bf both babies. Did you use bf pillow?
also a few questions about sleeping.
At the start cots or bassinettes?
Did you sleep them in the same cot for a while?

thanx i wont bombard you with questions as i also found that there is a group in the my babys family section for multiples.

Hi Mandy,

I have not had twins myself, but my older sister had twin girls (who are now 5).

She has since had a son which she was very nervous about - she was so used to caring for two babies she didn't know what to do with one!

She also found that the twins were easier babies than her son. They seemed to keep eachother company and they got into their own routine of knowing feeding and sleep times, they were just really good babies. She had a harder time having the one!

To this day, the girls are best friends and keep eachother company, which is nice when my sister needs a break!

You are very lucky to be having twins smile
Hi Mandy,

Congrats on the news of twins.

I'm also pregnant with twins due in September. It was a huge shock to find out it was twins lol but we are used to the idea now and loving it. We found out at my dating scan at 9wks so have had plenty of time for it to sink in.

Do you know if you are having identical or fraternal twins yet?

We are having identical twins.

Can't wait to find out the sex in about 2wks so I can start getting organised haha.

Anyway best of luck.
Hi Mandy,

Your not alone! We're expecting our first babies due the first half of Sep. We're 14 weeks and 1 day today. Ours are fraternal. We've been for our N/Scan last friday and everything looks perfect! Ah so exciting.

How far are you? Where are you? Auckland region?



Congrats on all you mummies pregnant with twins! How exciting.
I have twin girls aged 6 months.. if anyone wants to chat or wants advice.. Just PM me and i'm happy to help out.
Posted by: mandy165
Hi I am preggers with my first 2 babies. I am hoping to chat with anyone that has had, having or knows much about twins.

Thanx Mandy

When are your twins due Mandy?
Hi Mandy & Other Mums To Be,
My name is Kristy and i am also expecting twins,i also have an 18mth old daughter named Lilli.
We found at our 12 week Nuchal scans that we had 2 little babies in there.A huge shock for DH and I,but we have kind of got our head around it now hehe.
I am 22 weeks now with identical twin girls.Named Ruby Ella and Ava Isabelle.
They are very very active little girls and dont seem to sleep much hehe,Ava,who is our baby b who is sitting higher up is the big mover,she does lots of big kicks.Rubys are stil little movements,occasionally bigger ones.
In reply to you question Mandy,we will be putting the girls into one cot to begin with.
I look forward to sharing stories with all you guys x x x

Lilli is going to be a Big Sister to Twins.

Hi Girls

Oh congrats to you all preg with twins, we are all so lucky, although there are some DAYS im not so sure lol, but it truly is an experiance that not everyone gets to experiance. Oh I remember those movements, they are so good, I used to spend hours watching the aliens within lol.

Mandy, I also put the twins straight into a cot, and yes I put them in the same cot, they were, are so small, still now only just make in to 7kg at 7.5 months so I only seperated them at about 6 months as they were waking each other up. Now 1 at least sleeps throught the night, as I said Jorja (the girl) isn't so kind to me lol. I used a snuggle bed to start with, putting that inside the cot, they were both in that together for a fair few weeks before laying them both on the same pillow until seperate pillows at either end of the cot then finally seperating them LOL, I just couldn't do it. They had already been together so long.

I never used the bf pillow, I know others said it would be great but from when I go home I found that it was easier to feed them with just a flat pillow with them laying in the football position. I am incredibly well endowed lol, going from a double d, to an e while preg and I could have even gone into a bigger size but thankfully Ive settle back down a little. SORRY TMI.

Well anything more you want to know, just let me know, that goes for any of you, also later on, if your having probs and need someone to talk to...please look me up. I found it was so hard to find someone to talk to about 2 babies, I new no one at the time, well no one accessible.

I hope you girls are all well.
Oh its just so exciting all over again for me watch all you girls experiancing everything I was experiancing last year. Good on you girls.

Take Care

I never got to breastfeed my twins, i tried but wasn't successful so even though i was so dissapointed, i had to do what was best for all of us so we went on formula and i expressed and they had half half for 8 weeks.

My twins now weight 7.6 kilos and 7 kilos and they are identical girls at almost 6 months, after staring off at 2.2 and 2.5 kilos. They look HUGE now, and they even have teeth.

While i was pregnant i had one active and one not so active, Leilani who is twin 1 and was the most active when pregnant, is still the most active and is always smaller than her sister cause she wears her food off and is standing and trying to sit up by herself.
Rebekah is not so energetic and she just loves to make sounds with her mouth, any sound and she's got it, at the moment it's vibrating the lips so that spit flies everywhere very charming.

I put them in 1 bassinet when they were born, as they were so small and it was easier to fit them in our room that way, now they are in seperate bassinets and in their own room, and they'll soon be going into their own cots as they are outgrowing their bassinets.

Collette06 ~ Sounds like your babies are going well.. you doing a good job breastfeeding..
Hi Collette and Claire,
Thanks for sharing your stories,as you said Collette its not always easy to find people that have been through this.
I have a question lol...How far were you guys when you babies were born?And were they natural or c-section?And how big were they?
I have worried from the beginning that they would come to early,i hate the thought of them being in special care and not with me.Everything is going great with them both,both good weights at the moment and no sign of twin to twin transfusion which is GREAT!
I will also be having a c-section as i had one with Lilli so have opted for another one this time around.
I also plan on bottle feeding,but big congrats to you Collette for still going with the BF,thats excellent.
Umm i think ill leave it at that,it was more then one questions lol.
Hear from you soon x x x

Lilli is going to be a Big Sister to Twins.

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