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Daughter has Fathers baby! WTF! Lock Rss

i just saw this on yahoo when i hopped on the computer. It is soooooo very wrong! I really feel for the poor child. WHat kind of life will she lead?

I dont understand why authorities havent done something. Yes they are both adults but he is her father. Wrong on all levels....

I just read this on the news website. Oh My God!!! How wrong is it? I feel so sorry for the child. She may be physically normal but can you really live a normal life in todays society with a family like that?

I definatly dont agree with what they have done but I hate to say it but define Normal in todays society almost anything is acceptable I think you may find that this is no the first time this sort of thing has happened in Australia or anywhere in our world...Usually we are just sheltered from it!!
Nah i dont think by any definition of "normal" that it is acceptable. I do agree that it is probally not the first time it has happened, i do think however that it is more shocking because of how blaz`e (s/c) they are, that they are acting like it is ok to be have a sexual relationship with your child/parent.... and worse and gross the father says how "great" their sex life is.... IT is your daughter!
[Edited on 07/04/2008]

I saw this on the 60 minutes (was flipping channels and it caught my attention) last night. They are on a good behaviour order and can't have sex but can still live the hell can you enforce such a thing unless you have surveillance following them everywhere? It seems ridiculous to me. That poor child, how is she going to take it when she finds out her father is also her grandfather?
I am sorry but that is absolutely disgusting. Gross, creeps me out just thinking about it!
Hmmm, not my cup of tea. I do see both my parents as people too but Much as I loves my dad, I don't loves him in that way - he's my dad...

Personally I can't understand it, I had a friend years ago who was a nurse in A&E at one of the local hossies, apparently that sort of thing goes on a lot more than we'd eve like to think


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This is some Jerry Springer situation. Does the kid call him Dad, Grandpa...and does his daughter/partner see him as a sugar daddy? Haha, sometimes you need to see the lighter side of a truly sick and morally wrong situation. You can love your father, but can you really "love" your father???
I agree eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Apparently they had one other child that died shortly after birth from a congenital heart problem.

So wrong on so many levels. Their poor daughter - I'm lost for words for her life ahead starting off like this.

Of all the people in the world what vanity would drive you to pursue your own flesh and blood?!

So wrong.

I just watched the footage online, groas!
I had to google it to find it because the link you gave me didn't work? I would like to see the footage!
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