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a few times I have felt a bit faint, usually after standing for a while or not having drunk enough water, but last night I was actually sitting up in bed when I started to feel faint, not doing anything strenuous just sitting there?! Has this ever happened to anyone before?? I had had a shower before going to bed but inbetween had brushed my teeth and a few other things and had been sitting for maybe 5 minutes seemed really strange.

What's your blood pressure? Usualy low blood pressure will do the trick.

mine was 90/60 all last pregnancy and i was always almost faining, feeling dizzy... for no reason. it would happen out of the blue. this time my blood pressure is 110/60 and i'm feeling closer to human.

maybe mention this at your next doc/ob appointment.. cant hurt smile

Will 6 July 06 - Jaida 19 Sept 08

my blood pressure last appointment was 120/70...

When I was pregnant with my daughter I used to get faint and dizzy spells all the time. During the first half of my pregnancy I actually fainted numerous times- walking around in shopping centres, even when I was sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast! I used to wake up some mornings and not even be able to stand up and get out of bed because I would feel so dizzy and weak.
I had my blood pressure checked numerous times but it was always fine. They just put it down to the increase in blood flow during pregnancy.

Try having a glass of juice or some jelly beans(sugar). I found that really helped.

Katie, VIC, Aaliyah Kaylee born 28/11/06 & Mikayla

When Iam lying down or sitting at a chair I get faint. Apparently there is a main artery that runs near your stomach. It get a bit squished and hence you feel faint. Can help to walk very slowly around the place or sit with your head between your legs. Hard to do, when your very preggy!

Other than that you should get iron level checked. Mine were low for a pregnant women. I am not getting fainting attacks so much since I started taking iron tablets.

As you can see we are about at the same stage of our pregnancy and Ive been getting dizzy too but as you say, usually when I have been standing too long or need water. Dizziness while sitting is unusaul though cos your blood pressure should settle when you sit. Id mention it at your next appointment to be safe, could you have been a little dehydrated?
Well i almost fainted in the shopping centre when i was pregnant i had to sit, also i would have a shower in the mornings and sometimes have to sit on the floor in the shower, i got told it also could be low blood pressure but everytime i saw my GP he said i was fine. I had a healthy boy. So i dont know.

it could be low iron aswel!!!! i got this right thru this pregnancy as i hav an iron deficency and didnt with my other 3 kids pregnancys, an it was also low blood sugar aswell as i have found if i eat regularly i dont feel as bad!!!!

gd luck mabey try iron tablets

I've had some faintness too, once on the train on the way home from work when it was really crowded & hot & no one thought to offer a pregnant woman their seat. Somehow I held on until I got to my station & felt better as soon as I got out into the fresh air and sat down to wait for my hubby to come pick me up.
The other time it happened, I was just sitting at the computer one morning, had been for a while, and suddenly I had the same feeling as on the train, really hot and dizzy and faint...this time, I went and lay down straight away and felt better.
Mentioned it to the doctor, he ordered a blood test, and it turned out that despite taking iron supplements and eating lots of red meat & vegies, I was anaemic. Since then I've been working on further increasing my iron intake (& vitamin C, which I was also already taking, to help with iron absorption) in my diet. A glass of OJ with dinner, extra red meat & vegies like beans and spinach (just as well I love red meat & just about every vegie you can name!). Better to do it this way than to just take more iron tablets. Apparently, while both meat & vegies are good sources of iron, the iron from meat is more easily absorbed by our bodies. Also, avoiding calcium-rich foods & caffeine (not having much caffeine anyway these days) too close to my major iron doses, because both inhibit iron absorption.
Not sure if it's helping yet, because the two faint spells I've had so far were a couple of weeks apart as it was, and I haven't had another blood test to check if I'm any less anaemic since the last one a few weeks ago.

Hi - I suffered the same thing around the same stage as you. Was just sitting on the lounge when things started to fade. For me, my blood pressure was fine, but I know my iron level was too low. Started back on the pregnancy vitamins and felt a lot better.

I am a bit of a fainter anyway - when I give blood the nurse told me to straighten your legs, and push the backs of your knees down into the chair/bed. This brings your blood pressure back up if you're feeling faint.

Also, I think sitting or lying straight on your bum squashes that big vein. Try wedging a pillow under one bum cheek, or lying on your side.

When i was pregnant with my daughter I would get these faint dizzy spells too. I did have low blood pressure. My midwife told me to sit down right away and drink some water or if i am already sitting lay down. It normally passes within a few minutes anyway. I took preg vitamins and then extra iron tablets as well.
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