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Preparing and buying for new baby... Lock Rss

Please help!!
So far we have a pram and a car seat. I need to have our nursery set up in the next 5 weeks and there will be a baby shower in 2 weeks. I have to tell my SIL what we want.
What is essential and what is fun that we should get???
Your thoughts and suggestions will be muchly appreciated!

a bed for bub, either bassinette or cot.
clothes for bub
nappies for bub, cloth or dissposables

maybe a few play things for bub, but remember they grow up so fast so dont get too many baby things, you may find them never being used.
Hey here are some ideas...

*A snuggle bed/basinette/cot for the to sleep in of course.
*Since you are due in winter some bonds body suits or any other brand. Nice warm ones.
*bath wash
*baby oil
*nappies either cloth or disposable
*nappy bin (if using disposable
*nappy bucket (good for soaking things)
*dummies (even if you decide you don't want them you never know what will happen
*lots of muslin wraps
*matress protectors just incase they leak through
*face washers/towels
*grobags (if you can afford them they are great but expensive)
*rocker (up to you)

I am 29 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child.

The things that I am really glad I bought first time around:

- rocking chair for the nursery, my son still loves sitting in it to read stories and it is great for feeding.

- rocker for the baby, easy to fold up and take other people's homes.

- bassinette, just to have the baby next to you for the first few months.

- electric steam steriliser, so quick and easy.

Some great essentials that I wish I had gotten and ended up buying for myself.....

Vicks steam sterilser
Braun ear thermometor.

Other things that are good....

Bouncer or rocker
play mat with things that hang down
Microwave steam steriliser (small and easier to take away than the electric one)
Nappy/baby bag (preferrably one that also suits a male using)

Good luck

Here are some things that i used for my 2 babies, i just had to double everything.

- Bassinet (i found a bassinet so much easier, as it's warmer in winter when bubs is small, and so much easier to have around the house.) But a cot or cradle or something for bubs to sleep in.

- a movement baby monitor. (A bit expensive, but it has saved my daughters life.. as it picks up when they stop moving/breathing.)

-Bonds wondersuits and a few jumpsuits, although if born in winter, get some fluffy ones too. (I'd advise you not to get any really cute baby outfits in that small as they grow before they get to wear them, and being winter they are mostly wrapped when newborn.)

-Thick blankets to put over them.

-thinner blankets, to wrap them in. (some babies need to be wrapped to sleep. ours are 6 months old and still wont' sleep unless wrapped.)

- socks and hats.

- pram

- car seat
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