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How does it work? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!

Q: how does antenatal care work?

i'll be going thru the public health system and i have no idea how OB's and midwives fit into everything. i'll be staying with my GP thru-out my preg (he's a former OB) however;

when do i meet the midwife?

what happens if there are complications with preg or birth and im not with an OB?

who handles the care/checkups after bub comes, and we're home? (obviously im not talking about the actual care of bub, that's my job! *lol*)

i've read 'going it alone' but it seems to be more aimed at people who have private health insurance.

i would love to hear how other mums-to-be went about it all!

also, i have my first appmnt (after going to him to see if i was preg) with GP on 5 Dec, what sort of things to i need to tell him and what sort of things should i ask him??? i have no idea at all!!! i dont want to miss something vital that might affect bub's health.

Thanks heaps and have a wonderful day! grin

Miss C, NSW, bub due June '06

...i forgot to add...

i live in country nsw and there arent that many fancy antenatal options available here! *lol*

thanks again!

c smile

Miss C, NSW, bub due June '06

hi there.
i live in a smaller town in qld where we dont have too many antenatal care options either. so i've been going through public health system also. i assume when you say you will be staying with you GP through out preg, you mean you will be using share-care (where you see your GP monthly until about 18wks? where you get to meet the midwives and have your appointment at the hospital. After that you alternate between seeing your GP and midwives at the hospital.) Thats how it works here anyway, if you decide to keep seeing your GP. I found it was just as easy seeing midwives all the time - and if they find something that may be a problem, then you just see the hospital OB rather than the midwives. The care and checkups after bub is born here is done by the midwives, either at the hospital, community health centre or at your home, if you are discharged early. I learnt all this from doctors and midwives and antenatal classes throughout my pregnancy. They're all really helpful and wont leave you out in the dark expecting you to just know all these things. Your doctor should explain how everything will work and who you will see, and when at your appointment. If he/she doesnt just ask. And at my first appointment i got a booklet about foods not to eat and things you can and cant do. I also have a book my partner bought me called 'what to expect when your expecting' which i have found really helpful. It explains all these things. And month by month tells you how your baby grows, what to expect at each checkup, symptoms you may experience, etc. Hope ive helped you, and dont stress, im sure your GP will explain everything to you.

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