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High GCT result - gestational diabetes Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and just did a GCT yesterday and found out today that my result is high (10). Does anyone know what this means?

I'll have to do the complete test next week before I find out whether I have gestational diabetes.

Does anyone have any advice re diet or helpful suggestions for the rest of the pregnancy? Also how does this affect the baby?

Thanks! smile

1st time Mum to Emily 7/2/06

Hi, in response to your question, basically gestational diabetes means that while you pancreas is putting out insulin (which we need to open the gates to our cells, so we can use the energy we get from food), what happens is that our cells can't access the insulin, so instead of the gates opening and the cell being able to burn off the energy, it floats around in our blood stream, creating higher than normal sugar levels. This can be destructive to our organs over time. The thing with pregnancy, is that early on (around the time of conception) high levels can prevent pregnancy and cause developmental problems. Usually if you develop this in pregnancy it doesn't surface until middle to late pregnacy when you have put on some weight. What it means for the baby....if the sugar levels stay high and uncontrolled, the baby will start to produce its own insulin to cope with all the sugar crossing the placenta, this makes babies prone to be bigger. It also cause the placenta to age quicker, putting diabetic mothers at risk for premature birth. Now the good news. It is usually easy to control by diet and exercise and sometimes you require insulin for the duration of the pregnancy, but can return to non medication status following the birth. You will need to test your blood sugar levels, 2 hours after each meal and prior to breakfast every morning. Basically the range when you are pregnant is under 5.5 first thing in the morning and under 6.5 2hrs following meals. (I am a type 2 diabetic and a recovery nurse) so hopefully this all makes sense. I am not usually on medication when I am not pregnant, but have been on 4 insulin injections, 1 with each meal and then 1 prior to bed, since about week16. I only have 2 weeks to go, before I have my baby via c-section at 38weeks and so far everything has gone well and baby's size and placenta function have remained normal. I am not perfect, I do have the occassional naughty thing, but have managed to keep very tight control over my levels which I have been very happy about. Hope this helps smile

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

When I did the first initial Glucose Challenge Test the results came back as 8.5 which was higher then the normal level but not as high as yours! I was then sent to do a Diabetes test (the one where you have to wait for two hours) but the results from that came back negative - thank god! Alot of the time it will depend on what you have eaten before the test (how much sugary food ect) I have cut back a fair bit on the sugary type foods but couldn't totally cut them out (I too get bad cravings for it - chocolate mainly lol) Have you done the second test and been confirmed to have Gestational Diabetes?

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