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Baby No 3 and sooo nervous!!!!! Lock Rss

Hey Guys, I need calming down. I have just found out that I am expecting baby No3. My little girl has just turned 1 and I also have a little boy 4 who has downs syndrome. I have suffered post natal depression and anxiety with both of them. However I just love being a parent. I am so nervous that I am not going to be able to cope. Is having three really hard, and is the age gap going to make it harder? I am only around 8 weeks pregnant. Any advice would be appreciated.

Mel,WA,4yr,1yr, expecting

hey bah,

we are expecting our third in march, i know it can be a little hard.,at times we have a special needs child and he can be demarding at times as well. all my advise is to not panic and take one step at a time as children with special needs are handful them selves, without a new partner, dont be nervous as hard as it believe me you will cope and be justg fine, i have 2 and another on the way and in no way am i worried as i know i will cope . you know what the medicine is to think postive postive parenting, the age gap doesnt matter mine are 13 months apart and they look after each other and care about each other dearly all i say is i feel its better more time to grow all up toghter.
i too have suffered from pmd just take one step at a time and if you need help dont be afraid to ask for help. and with the anxiety just relax as you dont need to stress or things dont go to plan.,,,,,
so just relax and everything will be fine seriously.
and with a suppotive partner whats the problem take all the help he offers and you"ll be fine
now settle pettle lol
stacey & craig

mother of three beautiful children

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