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blood pressure question Lock Rss

what do they class as high enough to go to hospital i have been getting bad headaches for days at my last check i was 130\82 but at night when i check it it was 155\99 should i be concerned they really havent said at what point is too high.i dont want to annoy anybody in delivery if it is fine.
i had pre eclampsia last pregnancy but so far i dont this time.i am 35 weeks.
any advice would be great


Hi Ya,
Whilst I cant give a medical answer to "how high is too high? I would say that if you are concerned about the head aches and blood pressure you should get to the docs. Your health and the bubs health are your main concern right now and I don't think any doc or midwife would have a prob with you going in for a check up. If your located in Victoria (like me) call "Nurse on call" they might be able to assist or the Maternal health Line. Hope all goes well.

hi there i would go see the hospital it is better safe than sorry when it comes to blood presvure and pregnancy
My blood pressure is 140/80 and this is classifed as very high. If it gets any higher, I will be hospitalised. My husband has to monitor it 3 times a day, and we are finding it's higher during the day (when DD is up and racing around the house no doubt!)

With DD, I had labour induced pre-eclampscia and my blood pressure was 150/90 - this is life threatening!

From memory, it's the second number (ie: 90) that concerns the docs. If you have high b/p, they should be watching you very closly - especially if you had p/e in a previous pregnancy. There is a myth that if you have p/e in your first pregnancy, you won't get it again in subsequent pregnancies so long as it's the same father. GET CHECKED IMMEDIATELY or continue on at your own risk!
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The last poster was right, it is the 2nd number that concerns them. It wont hurt to ring the ward if your concerned at any time. With my DD1 I was 160/90 and they made me go straight up to the ward to lie down! Was induced the next day.My SIL friend recently lost her baby at 33 wks due to PE so please dont muck around with this issue:(

everyones different. i was hosptialised with 140-90 and then 150-110 i was sent to a syd hospital (i was only 26 weeks at this stage) my renal specialist says a healthy bp is 120-80 but like i said everyone is different and some people are nurtally a little higher, but like kdewahl said please dont muck around with this issue, its quite serious.
if ur not happy with what one doc says see another!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

I have suffered High BP with all my pregnancies with my 1st being my worst as I developed pre-eclampsia with a BP of 180/120 so I had to have an emergancy CS to get my baby out as I also had swelling and also protein in my urine which are all very bad signs of pre-eclampsia.
My Obs said the bottom figure is the one they are always concerned with and anything over 90 is considered HIGH, I have to be on medication so mine stays below the 90 mark as when I'm first pregnant it always goes up to 100 so the meds keep it down well mostly just near the end of my pregnancy it gets harder to control.
If you think your BP bottom figure is on 90 or above don't muck around go and get it checked by the hospital or your doctor ASAP as they will also check for traces of protein in the urine and if your BP won't stay down you may need the medication like I take to control it.

just an update
strange as it sounds my bp is down too 130\83 and seems too be ok for now-i had +1 protein last week but yesterday all clear???
Next time i get a severe headache and high bp i will be going straight in the problem is because its a clinic i never see the same dr and they all seem to have their own take on what is ok yesterdays dr said see you in two weeks every other doctor has had me weekly to keep a closer eye on me because of pe last pregnancy, sometimes i feel like the blind is leading the blind in there.


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