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Could this be pre eclampsia? Lock Rss


im 25 weeks and for the last few weeks i have been getting a lot of headaches and today it just hasn't gone away. i wear compression stockings due to bad varicose veins but today have noticed swelling around my ankles and calves and i have been lying down with my legs up all day. also over the last week the babies movement has slowed down a fair bit. im not due to see the midwife for 2 weeks.

thanks in advance
from kat!

p.s ive also been feeling nausea as well.
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my 2 beautiful girls meena and hannah

If you are concerned go and get checked out earlier.......especially if you feel bubs movements have slowed.
I agree.... headaches are a sign of pre-eclampsia.

I had headaches this time around, and swelling badly on my hands, legs and feet. But my blood pressure and urine have always been fine.

If you are unsure get checked, it is good for your piece of mind. You can also go to a chemist and get them to check your blood pressure, that is a good sign of pre-eclampsia and will only take a minute to do.

Although there are signs of pre-eclampsia there are also many other things they headaches etc could possibly mean. So if you are overly concerned I would go get checked out etc just to be on the safe side. I had pre-eclampsia with DS so knew all the signs and symptoms to look out for this time around. I've had headaches, bad swelling, shooting stars and more but BP and urine are fine so just been put down to normal signs of pregnancy.

You will not be diagnosed with p/e before 28 weeks, which is generally when it on-sets.

If your concerned about it, see your ob


i get headaches really bad latley, and see things floating iykwim??
but my blood pressure is really low, so i dont know i think its just preggie hormones

I'd call your hospital and explain it to them, otherwise go see them just to be on the safe side. I've never had it before so don't know what its like sorry

Good luck
firstly hollysmum, thats not true about been diagnosed before 28 weeks. i was diagnosed at about 21 weeks with it although docs and OBs dont like to diagnose it that early as the only outcome for treatment is to del bubs. although i was having simlar promblems from 19 weeks. i showed protien and my bp was up by 20 weeks. so the best thing to do is get ur BP and urine tested. they can put u on bp meds which can help u go a few more weeks if not to term (chances of going to term are less likely).
so if u cant get into ur GP go to the hospital, doesntn hurt justto get it checked.
good luck hope all goes well

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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