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hi im preg with #2, and izacc is 7months,has anyone fallen preg earlier than expected, or while #1 is stil under 1,
just dont know how to feel, im only 2weeks,
thanks from jackie
Hi Jackie,

I fell pregnant this time when DD was 9 months, totally unexpectedly. I think this is very close but there are a few woman on huggies that have there children 12 months or so apart so you are not alone.

I felt shocked, sad, angry, devestated. I think I felt everything, and more bad than good at first, but now I am 24 weeks and I am excited, happy, amazed and looking forward to bubs birth.

Best of luck in these early days of pregnancy.


Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

Hi Jackie

My two daughters are not quite that close but not far off! My two are just under seventeen months apart. I found it hard in the early days going through the morning sickness even though it was really mild. I couldn't just lay down and sleep all day like I did the first time.

The age gap is great though and has been since the birth. Once the youngest was a few months old I started toilet training the oldest and now she is going through the terrible twos my youngest is only 8.5 months and is ok on her own when I have to deal with the older one!

My husband's cousin had her two babies 14 months apart and she loves the age gap. Personally I think if your healthy and your happy to be busy for a few years having them close is a great way to go.

Hubby and I are going to start TTC after Christmas and are hoping for a 19-20 month gap this time. He would be happy to start trying now but I want to be able to pig out and eat whatever and feel great for Christmas - probably seems like not a good reason to wait but I am in no hurry!

All the best with the pregnancy.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

I fell pregnant the 2nd and 3rd times when my babies were 4 months old, we planned it that way. It's really not as bad as everyone will make out to you, all you'll hear is 'poor you'. But i do just fine, at the moment i have a 22 month old, nine month old twins and am 22 weeks pregnant, and my partner and i do it ourselves, we live 3000ks away from our families. We are very busy, but i don't remember any different now. This way they're all close in age and interests, they go to school pretty much all together, and it's quicker i get my life back again. If you want more kids i don't see the point in waiting years, just do it! You'll be fine, 99% of it is your attitude, if you know you'll cope you will. Just think of all those people with triplets and quads.......

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

Hi Jackie,
my daughter was 8mths and i was the same. We had her through ivf and suprise i am now 30 wks with #2 and a big suprise we were told it would not happen naturally so we never used anything and one quick arvo while hubby was home and daughter asleep one thing led to another and well#2 is on it's way. Once i started to show it all seemed real. Hubby was happy but all i could think about was me staying at home with 2. i know this sounds selfish but we had just got a sleeping pattern and i was trying to loose weight. We wanted 2 about 2 yrs apart but 17 mths is some how different to me. Hubby is a teacher so i am lucky not a 9-6 job for him but still another one to look after is alot. I am excited as this one is a boy and there was no ivf but money and sanity are things we all crave. Good luck and i like to think it happens for a reason.

dd 4/4/05 due 3/9/06
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