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just finshed seasonal work need another job Lock Rss

hi im only 18 i have just come from a seasonal job im looking for a job but i go to interviews and people wont employ me because im preggers. can any one suggest a job that would be suitable for me im 24 weeks pregnant

I think that it is illegal for people to discriminate and not give you a job because your pregnant.

When you are getting a benefit from centrelink, you must continue looking for work until you are 36 weeks. So obviously the government thinks you are employable. I am not sure what is suitable for you I guess it depends on what you are qualified or experienced in. Many employers have a policy in place that woman should go on maternity leave 4 weeks before their due date and if they don't they have to have a certificate to say they are fit to work. Many work up to their due date so I'm not sure exactly what the regulations are.

I finished my work contract at 20 weeks when preg with number 1 (I was commuting to Sydney - 4 hours travel a day) and I joined up for benifits from centerlink at 30 weeks as I had no success at finding a job and the employment agencies were no help. They gave me the impression that they had better things to do I ended up going off the benefit. It was more hassel than it was worth - they wanted my to go for interviews in Sydney and in all honesty people wern't interested in employing me at that stage as I was not planning on working past 36 weeks.

I guess you can try centrelink and see what they say.Best of luck.

Hayley, NSW, Liam 07/02, Beth 09/04, Nate 03/06

I was working for Centrelink, for the Dept of Families, and when I told them I was pregnant at 18wks, I had about 4 weeks left on my contract. I went on a holiday I'd planned for about 6 months, and was not told whether or not my contract would be extended (this was a week before it was due to end) I came back on the Tuesday, and was informed Friday would be my last day, due to 'Reliability and changing personal circumstances', I found it very ironic that the very department that has been put in place to help people who are having children would do this. Needless to say I was the only person in the entire office who was let go.
Since then (as this happened at 22weeks) I went on about 3 job interviews per week, and felt even though I didn't have to, I would be honest about being pregnant with the employers. Now at 34 weeks I have completely given up even looking.
I finished high school, I went to college and got a diploma, I held down a job in a government agency until I told them of my pregnancy, yet the second I was honest about it, I have found myself unable to get even part time work.
For all pregnant people out there looking for work, good luck, I can only advise that you are not legally required to inform prospective employers you are pregnant, as it has absolutely no effect on your working abilities.
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