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Young mums... Lock Rss

I'm 20, and will be (just) 21 when bub's born late May.... wondering if there are any other youngin's out there that would like to chat about the whole process! I'm the only one my age I know who's expecting (or even had a baby) so it'd be nice to talk to someone!

My email is [email protected] smile

hey erin congrates on your pregnancy. im 19 and 36 wks and due on new years eve. how is it all going with your pregnancy?
talk to you soon

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

hi there
im 22 and due to have my 3rd in feb, i had my eldest at 18 and the next at 19, so im old compared to you 2! love to hear how your pregnancy progresses! paula your soo close im jealous!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

Hi!! I'm about to have my first (a boy, in mid Jan), and while I initially come from a town where they have the highest teenage pregnancy rate I am now in Brisbane and know no one my age going through the same thing (though I'm sure there's lots out there). I love this site just to know that there are other young mums too! I am still with the father, though he is overseas at the moment, so am feeling particularly alone sad
I made the mistake of telling my work I was pregnant at 22wks (at 34wks its still not totally obvious, damn!) and my contract wasn't extended, so for all the young mums out there who are working, work as long as you can, I am so bored, and found it impossible to find another job when I was honest about my pregnancy!
Although I am excited about Jaxon's arrival I am starting to worry his father won't be back in time, and I also don't know how I'm going to stand the next 6wks pregnant in summer!! Is anyone elses little one kicking them in the ribs? I can barely sit still when he starts it up!
hey erin,
i agree, the big boobs and strong nails are GREAT!im 17 and had my bub in august this year.its all gone so well, i love being a young mum.i always knew i would have kiddies young, and im so glad i did!!it really is awesome.i miss being pregnant so make the most of it and take lots of photos! i want to get preg again bt i think i might wait a lil while...hehe. well i added u 2 my msn so hope 2 c u on sometime soon.
take care
Hi Erin,

My name is Danielle i am 34 weeks pregnant with my second child and im 23. I had my first when i was 20. I only have one friend that has children and she lives about an hour and a half away so i know what it is like when none of your friends have kids you feel a bit left out and cant ask anyone for advice.

it is hard being a young mum people thinking that you dont know what you are doing and criticising on the way you raise your kids. I get critisised by people who dont even have children.

Good Luck with the pregnancy hope everything goes well.

Danielle, Vic
Hi everyone.

I'm 23 now and will be due in August. I turn 24 in February. I have gone through a lot of problems with endometriosis/adneomyosis so under doctors advice we were advised to try for a baby before it was too late (the adenomyosis can't be operated on thus will evenutally make my uterus un-useable - that was 2 years ago). I suppose I am young for a first time mum (have suffered a previous miscarriage 1.5 years ago due to the endo) but I feel quite old and very ready to take this step! My partner is 26. Looking forward to it all! smile
Hi Erin!!!!


I am 17 and 6 weeks pregnant! Alot of my g/fs from school have babys (47 out of the 209 girls at high school have babys under 14months)

My b/f is realy excited he is 22 and the baby is due on the 22 august- 5 days before his b/day!!!!! He wants the baby to come on his b/day

We have a slight problem though- we have a HIGH risk of having twins ARGHHHHHHH what a nightmare!!!

Just wondering when did your morning sickness start? I have been very lucky so far cause i have only had a lil bit towards the middle of the day!

Ok well keep in contact and good luck

Merry Christmas

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