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  5. I'm 33 weeks on sunday and just started to crave pineapple!

I'm 33 weeks on sunday and just started to crave pineapple! Lock Rss

hi everyone,

This seems weard but I've just started to crave pineapple since having a piece last saturday, now I can't seem to stay away from it. Will it halm my baby? Has any one else craved differn't foods latter in pregnancy?

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

Yeah, pineapple sounds yummy! I started craving raw onion sandwiches with salt and pepper. Gross hey!! I still like them but just don't eat them. When I was pregnant though, I HAD to have it!!!

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

I'm only 14 weeks but it's been baked beans! At least they're good for you!

hey jessica how u going? i haven't really started to crave anything late in pregnancy, but i have been drinking so much iced coffee milk throughout this pregnancy ... which is weird coz if i have like tea or coffee, the milk in it makes me sick!! but iced coffee ... no probs!! you should join the due in january thread (if you haven't already) ... it's nice to go through pregnancy and experience it all with others in the same position as yourself and at the same stage!! good luck with the rest of you pregnancy ... do you know what you're having??

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Im 34 weeks and also due in Jan and for the last 6 or so weeks all i can think about is pineapple!! I still can't cut it myself, but luckily my cousin who I live with worked in a kitchen and does it for me, and she knows only to steal a tiny portion. Other major cravings have been grapefruit juice and peppermint ice cream! I heard your body craves what it needs throughout the pregnancy, but with the amount of peppermint ice cream i've devoured, I'm sure this fact can't be true! As was with the start of my pregnancy, as I near the end, my appetite has really supressed. Throughout the middle I ate and ate and ate. I have so far put on 6kgs and want to know, at 34weeks, is this about the same as everyone else?
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