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hi everyone Lock Rss

hey name is kristy, im 26yo, n thought i mite join this nearly 26 wks pregnant with fraternal twins...these are my 1st n 2nd babies...altho i am pretty scared im also looking forward to it...i have the wonderful support of their daddy whom is also my fiance n my family have also been due about march 12th but coz its twins i kno i wont get pretty much banking on anytime between now n 13 wks for my little angels to arrive...i have had high blood pressure problems since the beginning but everything else has been fine so far...well thats all from me for now...i look forward to hearing from u all n sharing these wonderful experiences.

take care all


kristy, QLD, mum to andrew and emma 16/02/06

Hi Kristy,

Welcome to the forum!! Good luck with the twins!! There are a few mums on here with twins... one thing you will like is you will get great support and advice from here...

Hope you enjoy it!!

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Hi Kristy!
Welcome! You are going to love this site! Especially at 3am when the bubs wont lay off from kicking you all night! My first is going to be a cyclist or swimmwer I reckon! It is really good that you have had a good pregnancy with your twins. It must be really exciting. Have you found out the sex of them?
Anyway, good luck and we will see you around the posts!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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