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Bored & depressed Lock Rss

I am just over 34 weeks pregnant, I had to give up work 3 weeks ago and have been told by my LMC to do as little as possible. I have had 3 bleeds & 4 shows so it is a concern that I might go into labour early. I am normally a very active person and very organised. Now I can do very little housework or anything. My hubby has been good but there is only so much he can do. All my family & friends do the typical, let me know if there is anything I can do but then never follow through!

Now I spend all day, by myself, with nothing to do. My hubby works 9-11 hour days and all my friends work. I have been finding myself getting very depressed and lonely on my own. I am trying to get excited about the baby coming but it is really hard when I spend so much time alone, not able to do anything.

Any ideas? Any other pregnant women out there that feel this way? I feel so guilty for not being excited about the baby and just hating being pregnant. This is my first baby - planned pregnancy and all!

Tracey, Kaden & Alydia''''s Mum

Hi there Tracey my name is Quin I am from the Gold Coast. I was due 2 have my baby on Sat 3 Dec I am a little late (just a little).
I Know what it is like being stuck at home on your own not havin anythin 2 do and being very limited in what u can do. Just keep a positive mind & remember u r doin this 4 your baby and u will have your own little family soon.
My sugg r to go 2 your local vid shop and hire everything you've neva seen I've been doin that ova the last couple of weeks (don't get tear jerkers they'll only make u feel worse & sometimes havin a good cry can put u in labour & its too early 4 u yet). I also often jump on huggies to check my replies and forums a few times a day, u should too, someones always got somethin interestin 2 talk about or ask or say. I know its hard and dont feel guilty time will pass b4 u know it. Iam soooo ova being pregnant 2 this is also my 1st bub & planned. Chat any time I'll check in later. SMILE HEY ONLY GOOD THINGS AHEAD****

Mumma of 3.

Hi Tracey,

I know just how you're feeling. I've been on maternity leave since i was 10wks pregnant - i had low blood pressure and was really dizzy all the time, so left work early on doctors advice.

At first it was alright because my boyfreind was off work as he'd had a big operation on his shoulder and was recovering. Plus we were moving. Then he was home for a while, while he was looking for a new job.

But when he started work, i had to spend all day, by myself, with nothing to do. Id just sit around and twiddle my thumbs thinking 'i wish i had something to do' or 'i wish i had friends to visit' as all my friends work too.

I felt lonely and depressed too for a while and some days i still do, and i still cant wait till pregnancy is over and i have a little baby to play with or at least talk to, or wear me out so i can complain i need sleep!

Ive found going to the library and getting out books to read about babies, pregnancy and labour keeps me amused for a while, n helps with the excitement - you read all these things and think 'oh - i cant wait till i can do that!' At the moment i have books called 'The Pregnany Body', 'The pregnancy and Birth Book', 'Baby Massage', 'Every Parent' and 'Back in Shape After Baby'.

I think its probably normal to feel this way toward the end of pregnancy. And you only have 6 weeks to go! Same as me! So just keep your chin up and if you want to chat and have msn, add me ... [email protected] -im usually on there.

Good Luck,


Although I am excited about my first little arrival, I have also been very bored and feeling quite down. I have bought everything, so I don't need to do anymore shopping, and at this point i'm too exhausted and its too hot to anyway. I've also washed everything I bought and put it away (only to pull it out and do it again several times).
My partner is overseas at the moment, so I am feeling especially alone and down. But I find that planning things so I have something to look forward to helps. Have you had your baby shower?
I find doing too much reading up on labour and all that stuff can be a bit overwhelming and in the end may not be that useful, and there is only so much housework you can do, I've found good books and a video store nearby to be very useful. And I try to make plans at least once a week for a friend to come by to catch up on the outside world and gossip, though it can be hard for them, because all they want to talk about is the baby, and it does help to have excited ppl around you.
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