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Asking 2 B Induced???? Lock Rss

Hi there ladies I am 40+2d Preg. Ihave an appointment at my hosp 4 a check up 2morrow. They told me they will let me go 10days ova b4 they induce me. Does anyone know if I request it will they induce me earlier I really dont want 2 have my bub sooo close to X-mas.:~

Mumma of 3.


It really depends on your dr or ob. I know most do not want to induce too early unless there is a medical reason because they say that usually the bub is late because it isn't ready to come out yet and it's best to wait for it to happen itself. They only usually induce at 10 days over because by then the placenta is starting to stop working properly. But like I said, it really depends on your dr and the hospital. There is nothing wrong with asking.

Good luck smile
Also if the dr does an internal exam at your appointment you may well find out that you are already starting to dilate or that your cervix is soft and favourable which can mean something is going to happen soon. Also there is this thing they can do called sweeping the membranes or something that can help bring on labour and sometimes just simply doing an internal can help bring it on - unless your me!
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