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Protein in urine??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I have a question that's been bothering me for a while. Every visit I have had to my midwife shows that I have a + reading of protein in my urine. The midwives have not said anything about it to me, but I was reading an article today saying that is a sign of pre-eclampsia. I haven't had high blood pressure, so maybe that's why they haven't been worried.
I don't really know what pre-eclampsia is either, can anyone help?

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

Hi Kylie

I also had this in both my pregnancies and they told me that it was + but still low and I did not have high blood pressure so they weren't concerned. With my first pregnancy my blood pressure was high towards the end of the pregnancy and said that I had mild pre eclampsia. It wasn't serious enough to induce or anything like that though.

With my second pregnancy I didn't develop high blood pressure at all.

Hope this eases your mind a little


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