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Period Pain Lock Rss


I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd & I am getting quite a bit of period pain-like feelings in my lower abdomen.

Does this happen to anyone else and do you know why?

My 1st bub was 4 weeks early and the 2nd was 2 weeks early. I am a bit worried that this one is going to come out soon!! It has been engaged since 32 weeks but at my 34 week appt with ob, it had buried itself even further down.

Please - someone just tell me its normal pains & not the start of labour!!

i dunno but i had really bad pains at about 34/35 weeks that got me wondering if it was the start of labour....
they passed though and it wasnt labour....

Hi there! I have had period like pain for about 3 days now and my due date is today....apparently it can be an early sign of labour, but it may also go away...just see how you go. Take care! Elena
My midwife said its usually the bubs head pressing down and movig further into the pelvis. I get it all the time now that bubs is engaged

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