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Peanut Butter Lock Rss

Just wondering what other peoples opinion on eating peanut Butter during pregnancy? I have read and heard that you shouldnt eat nuts, or anything to do with nuts as it can contribute to the baby being allergic to nuts later on in this true? and do people actually follow thru with it....I did with my first pregnancy, and am trying to now with my second but its very hard as im craving peanut butter!
I have never heard of this and I would imagine if you ate nuts during pregnency it would more so prevent the baby from being allergic later in life as they would've been exposed to them already. If I were u I'd go 4 it. If you seriously have any doubts ask your GP or OB or make a post to the midwife on HUGGIES. I love peanut butter and have eaten it quite often throughout my pregnancy. Yum Yum on toast is the best

Mumma of 3.

My 22month old son has an allergy to peanuts. When we saw the peadiatric allegist he advised that it is best not to eat nuts during pregnancy as they believe (but can not say for certain) this could increase the risk of the baby having an allergy. In the last month of my pregnancy with Lachlan I had almost every day a streets drumstick icecream which has nuts on the top. I have often wondered if this contributed to Lachlan's allergy.

hi handsomecam ... i have never been told not to eat peanuts/peanut butter during pregnancy ... just as well coz i LOVE peanut butter!! When r u due?

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

I was once told to cut down on eating nuts while pregnant too, but i just can't do it.... I eat peanut butter on toast every morning and I'd die without it! I ate it while pregnant with my daughter and she is fine, however doesn't eat it now at 2.5yrs old! and am 33 wks with bub#2, so will see how he goes with it. Would be interesting to know the real statistics i guess. I would think that you would have some sort of reaction or feeling if bub wasn't coping with it now. My daughter was intolerant to dairy when i stopped breastfeeding at 13mths, so there are alot of other issues out there to deal with too, you can't be too sure on anything these days. Hope all goes well for you.

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