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Telling sex of baby in 12 week scan Lock Rss

I had always thought that it was too early to tell the sex of the baby in the 12 week scan, but a friend of mine who is a few weeks ahead of me has been told shes having a boy and that its certain. Dont you need to wait until the 18 week scan to be sure?
i think that it could be possible it might have like a willy feature there. thats good if they can tell
Ya u can tell at the twelve wk scan I was asked if I wanted 2 know (I said no) at my scan. As long as the babies legs aren't crossed apparently they can tell. Technology hay isn't it amazing.

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I asked the sex of my baby on my 12 week scan they told me 80% chance it is a girl. Then on my 19 week scan i was told that they were 99% sure that it is a girl. I haven't had the baby yet to tell you that for sure it is a girl. But from the ultrasound video i can see it is a girl so i think they can tell sometimes but they can see more clearer on your 19 week scan.

Danielle, Vic
wow i always thought that they couldnt tell till the 18 weeker! i found out the sex of all of mine (girls) and i had to have another scan with this one (im 33 weeks) the other day so i got them to double check and they said it was 100 percent that shes a girl too which is better then the more then 50 percent they told me at the 18 week one

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They can tell but it's not always accurate. I was told at 12 weeks with Kane they were 99% sure he was a girl! Re-checked at 18 week and he had mysteriously grown a penis!

As my doc said this time round, if your are told it's a boy at 12 weeks it's more likely a boy, whereas with a girl it can be sometimes confused because the genitals are swollen.
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