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Ultrasound in a few days and my partner won't be there. Lock Rss

Has anyone had an ultrasound on their own. I know nothing will be wrong coz I feel great and bubs is happily kicking away as I type, but I'm dead scared because my partner won't be able to come with me. I really don't know why I'm so scared, but I just want him there so much it's making me think that something really bad could be wrong and I'll have to deal with a huge problem all on my own. My partner is a farmer and as this is the silly season, he is driving a header trying to get all the crops off in time, before they all are ruined. If he doens't get it all off within the next couple of weeks, we lose a hell of a lot of money. I can see his arguement about not coming with me, but my arguement is that he has a brother and a father that he works with, why can't they drive the header for a couple of hours? His brother doesn't have kids and is not married. I'm scared am I being silly?

Jo, Emily 2/9/04 & Will 13/5/06

hey jo,
Dont be scared of going in on your own, i was terrified when my partner couldnt come to my check ups anymore coz of work but you get over it once your there. I had to have a ctg and an ultrasound for the first time by myself because the doctor thought she wasnt growing, i was nearly in tears it was scary but at the end of it everything was fine. If you havent had any problems so far then i dont see why there would be anything wrong with your baby, just think that you get to see bub again and its a great way to bond with your baby.
have you thought of taking a your mum or a close relative with you???
well anyway hope everything goes well and take care

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

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