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leaking, antibiotics, thrush HELP! Lock Rss

Hey all,

Well i am currently 30wks preggers with my first and doing it alone, a couple of weeks ago had a clear fluid gush from me. Of course i thought it was my waters and raced to hospital, an internal was done and i was told that i had a bacterial infection and given antibiotics. Seven days later and i was still leaking clear fluid and had finished the antibiotics so off to the doctor i went again... this time an internal was not carried out, only a urine sample and was told i have an UTI (i have no other symptoms) and given more antibiotics and that from the last batch of antibiotics had developed thrush. I feel like i'm eating tablets like lollies!! I am going through the public system so it's a different doctor every time! i am still leaking this clear scentless fluid after starting the antibiotics 3 days ago. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Should i make an apointment with a GP and get everything checked out again? I'm terrified it's my waters leaking... bub still feels high up and is still very active... am i being paranoid?

Kylie, Qld, baby due 25/02/06

Hi Kylie,
I had a severe UTI at about 26 weeks, and the antibiotics stopped any discharge I had. If I was you I would see my GP, and if still nothing changes see another. I am also going through the public system and have found some midwives and doctors are just crap. Maybe they are just too busy, but keep looking. You know your body best, if it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't.
Anyway, good luck and be's safer!

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

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