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u/s results - 6 weeks - small for dates ! Lock Rss


My friend had a 6 week u/s yesterday and they said the baby was 1-2 weeks smaller than expected - they did find a heartbeat.

Their dates are spot on because this baby is IVF so there is no mistake of dates.

Has anyone had scans done that showed the baby was smaller for the correct dates ? And did you go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

My friend has had one m/c to thats why we are a little worried at this point !

Is this normal or should we be worried ?
It could be that the embryo implanted late. My pregnancy is an IVF one and it implanted late. I am almost 12 weeks now and things are going well. Your friend should contact her IVF nurse or doctor for reassurance. I hope all goes well for her. Elisa

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