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is it twins? Lock Rss

i had an u/s at 6 weeks to confirm pregnancy and not only i saw it but my mum, even my 3 year old son pointed it out, we saw 2 sacs. but the lady doin the u/s didnt take much notice of the second one. so i asked her but she didnt reply. i know my 18 week u/s is due next week, but id like to know, what was it? and why didnt she say anything?
Wasn't your bladder was it? Do you have a pic of it?
no as she showed me where my bladder was, and i got a pic, but she didnt take a pic where u could see both... this looked entirely the same as the one she measured..
also, they arent close together like youd see most twins, not sharing the same thing. sorry the word has blanked me..
its like one is in front and the other is a bit further back kind of thing... im not getting my hopes up of course.. but id love to know what it was. as i asked my dr but he didnt answer me. so im kinda confused.
I would assume that had a twin pregnancy been picked up, you would have been informed before your 18 week scan, as surely there would be closer monitoring and more complex following from the OB rather than a singleton pregnancy. I have no idea what it could have been, but I think if it were a twin pregnancy, you would have been informed a long time before your 18 week mark.

Good luck though, lets hope you get some answers next week.
Also, if your Dr isn't answering your questions, stamp your feet and make him, if he still doesn't, change doctors....
Good luck
Hi I'm 21weeks and we found out we were having twins when I was 8 weeks. There was no doubt that there were 2 sacs with two babies. Are you huge?
With my last pregnancy at the 6 week scan I had what looked like 3 gestational sacks but there was only 1 the other 2 black spots were implantation bleeds.
So it could've been that? It's when at implantation the bleed doesn't come out and pools rather than re-absorbs straight away

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

Could it have been the sac and the yolk sac? Im sure if you were having twins she would have told you.
First off if your doctors not answering your concerns I would switch docs.
At 6weeks you can see a heart beat so if both sacs were flickering on screen most likely to be twins.
Also most U/S come with a bit of paper that the docs have to write down what they see including EDD etc. etc. It should say on there if they saw one or two sacs. Did you not see that piece of paper?
Legally the people doing the scan (unless it's a doctor) can not tell you what they see as it then has to go onto a doctor who does an evaluation. They just take the pictures so that's probly why she didn't say anything.
I would be demanding answers and just a hint, when you've had the scan and they ask if you'd like the results sent to your Dr say no and pick them up yourself! Your doc gets a copy anyway and you'll have your own copy and you get to read the paper first to see what's going on with bubs!
I learnt this one after the lady said everything was fine at 12week scan then being told by my doc that their were problems!!!

Good luck!
I think its rude that the lady dind't answer your question

how did you find out at 8wks...there is a really strong gene in my family for twins(6 sets to be exact)...Apart from a scan what are the most common signs of carrying twins..I'm 16wks preg

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