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Two on the way! Lock Rss

Hi - I have an almost 12 month old (26 June 08) beautiful boy and have just found out I am pregnant with twins due just after Christmas!! After being totally overwhelmed when I was told, I am so over the moon and can't wait for them to arrive.

Just wanting to know who else is expecting twins or has twins with another bub close in age?

I know I'm going to have my hands full (and am a little bit worried about how I'm going to cope), but if they are just as good as my little man, then everything should be fine.


Hi Coopersmummie,
I am also expecting twins my due date is the 24/1/09 so I am only 7 weeks along. What is your due date?
I have two girls already aged 2.5yrs and the other has just turned 1.
I too was totally in shock at first but now I am so excited and just can't wait for them to arrive, I also can't wait to tell everybody.
I am a little anxious though because I had terrible morning sickness with my 2 girls but so far with this pregnany things have been OK, I probably shouldn't complain about that I know but I just imagined things should be twice as bad - not better (maybe it's still on the way)
how did your 2 pregnancys compare?
Would love to keep in touch throughout our journey!
Hi Girls

Congrats girls on your twin pregnancies. Yes you will have your work cut out for you but it really is such an amazing journey. My twins are 10 months old tomorrow. My next youngest was 3 at the time and I was scared enough with that lol. He was fast runner LOL.

Do you girls have close families around you. Family support is a big key especially in the first few weeks while you are trying to get yourself sorted. My mum was a gem. Also if you girls are in Australia, or NSW, there is a home service that you girls will be entilted to have where you can get a carer to come out and help you for a couple of hours a day when needed. If you have 3 kids under 5. They aren't allowed to come and do your housework, but they care for the kids to give you a break, or get some things done around the house. You can also employ one of your friends/family members to be the carer. Its heavily funded to help you out as far as I know. Its through family day care....I think.

I really just popped in also tell tell jej08 not to worry about not have MS, I had bad morning sickness with all my single pregnancies and was expecting the worst with the twins pregnancy but nothing. Fingers crossed it is the same for you both.

Anyway good luck girls, if you need or want to ask anything, I will check in, or just PM me.

Take Care

Hi jej08,

The due date for mine are the 15th of January 09, but my doc said they will be delivered just after Christmas and definately before New Years. Now that the schock has passed, I am so excited and like you can't wait to tell everyone.

I already look pregnant and some people have already asked when number two is due! They get a shock when I tell them that we're execting number 2 and 3 smile We have only told our immediate family and will be waiting until the 12 week scan to tell everyone else.

As for the morning sickness, I had nausea with my little man only in the first trimester and I did have bad nausea with this pregnancy too, but it has all of the sudden stopped! Thankfully I was never physically sick, but I have been REALLY tired with this one - probably cause I have to run after my little man all day.

I would love to keep in touch with you - it's good to know someone that's going through the same thing at around the same time. Do you live in Brissy?


Hi Collette06,

Thanks for all the great info you gave us. I had no idea about the carer - that's great to know just in case.

My hubby's family are only 5 minutes away, and his mum has just retired so she will be here all the time (which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing smile And my family live an hour away - which isn't too far away, but they don't come out to visit a lot - maybe that will change when the new bubbas arrive.

By the way - your kids are just beautiful! Did your twins get delivered on time, or did they come early? Also, I've just been told that I will probably have to have a ceaser this time round which scares me - how were your two delivered?

Thanks again!


Thanks Collette06,
What great advice I never knew that about the carer, where should I go to get that information? I might ask next time I see my maternal health nurse with one of my girls. Also thanks for the info about MS, obviously I have nothing to worry about and it's very encouraging to hear from other mums.
Hey also can you suggest a 7 seater car that also fits a double pram in, I was thinking a Territory but will have to do some measurements I think.
What a gorgeous family you have and thanks again.


Hi coopersmummie,
My DR has said the same thing he will not let me go past 37-38 weeks so that will make me early new year I suppose.
Hopefully we will make it to then and they don't come too early.
I'm glad you look pregnant too the last couple of days I have been feeling so bloated, I can't eat a whole lot but when I do eat I feel huge and my pants are getting a little tighter. I always imagined by my 3rd pregnancy I would show alot sooner, never in a million years did I think I would be having twins and showing this early!
We have only told our parents at this stage I don't think though we can wait another 4.5 weeks to tell everyone else and I don't think I can hide it for that long either.
I live in geelong, Vic.
I have just joined another group if you are keen it's just for parents with multiples the web site is
keep in touch, Jenny
Hi Jenny,

How are you feeling? I am feeling pretty good except for the extreme tiredness - can't wait for the 1st trimester to be over!

We have our little man's 1st birthday party in a couple of weeks, and we are tossing up whether to tell everyone then. I will be just past 11 weeks and our scan isn't until the 7th of July. I have an appt with my midwife a few days before the party, so I maybe if she says everything is alright, then maybe we will tell. I don't really want to, but people will guess just looking at me (unless I wear a tent!).

We too have been looking at cars and the only car that so far has been anywhere near big enough is the Territory. Three car seats can fit along the one row of seats and there is plenty of boot space. We would like to get a 7 seater just in case we want to take anyone else with us - and you can just fold them away if you don't want to use them. All the other 7 seaters have absolutely no boot space what-so-ever. The only prob with a territory is that they are a petrol guzzler, and with fuel prices at the moment, i'm a bit reluctant to get one, but what else can you do?!?!

Anyway, sorry for babbling on. Hope all is well with you. Speak soon, Sam


Congratulations on finding out your pregnant and having twins. That is wonderful news.... I just found out I am pregnant, only just over 4 wks along so still early.

I have a question to all of you having/had twins..

Did you have blood tests at the beginning to check your hcg levels? My hcg tripled in 48 hrs (the norm is it doubles apparently)and I was wondering if it could mean I am having twins. I would sooo love to. I was on fertility drugs to help get pregnant so fingers crossed I too am having twins..

Good luck to you all..

Hi Sam,
I'm going really well in fact the morning sickness has started to ease heaps, I feel a little quessy in the morning now and only through the day if I eat to much.
We have actually told everyone today of our news. I was very apprehensive about it but we decided that what will be will be and frankly I can't hide it anymore and I actually have resorted to wearing my maternity jeans, I tried my normal jeans on after being washed and they nearly cut me in half (lol)there was no way known I could sit down in them!
I still worry everyday and pray everything will be ok with both babies, but I have to stop thinking the worst and just enjoy it. Bring on the 12 week scan!!
As for a car we where thinking the territory but having 4 we would need the 3rd row of seats in so we will be buggered for space with the twin pram. Someone has suggested a Honda Odessey so we are going to check that out.
great to hear from you and hope you are well.
Hi Rikki,
Congratulations on your pregnancy, I'm not 100% sure if you could base twins solely on your HCG levels although having tripled in 48 hrs is a big jump.
I can give you my results if you would like to compare, but in saying that the normal range for both single and twin pregnancies varies greatly.
@ 3wks 4d - 139
@ 4wks 2d - 2300
the 2nd test was done 5 days after the first so I basically doubled every day.
I had absolutely no idea I was having twins until my dating scan at 6wks 5d, so if you havn't already I would request an early scan just to put your mind at ease.
Good luck and I will have my fingers crossed for you too.
let me know how you go


I havent had twins but just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS grin

It must be a bit daunting, but you will be fine with all of them grin

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