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going insane!!!! Lock Rss


im 38wks with my 2nd and i'am so ova it!!!
i've had sore hips n lower back since 18wks, andas the pregnancy progressed the pains just got worse. for the last couple of days i have been getting terriable braxton hicks along with wot feels like period pains, my groin hurts so much and every time the baby moves ifeel like i have someone scratching the inside of my vagina ( sorry TMI i know but thats how it feels) it literally stops me in my tracks. with all these pains i thought labour was not far of but i havent had a show n my waters havent broken yet
i have aslo developed carpal tunnel in my left hand which really sucks as my VERY DP has his left arm in a cast cos he broke his wrist while playing footy, so between us we have 2 hands!

Sorry for whinge just needed to vent, like i said i'm going insane!


I fully understand your vent, and let it out, it really helps. We are always here to listen,

Just think, in 2 weeks and your body can start to get back to 'normal'.

When you are feeling like crap, and in pain, try to remember how lucky you are that you can sacrifice your body's comfort for 9 months and will be able to hold your beautiful little baby when it is all over - so many couples never get that chance...

Good luck, I hope you feel better soon
You poor thing, vent away, as lucky as we are to be pregnant its not always a walk in the park and can be very painful!!!

But on the up side you will be holding your little baby very very soon!!!

Good luck and I hope bub decides to come sooner rather than later!!!


thanks ladies for your support. i dont know what i'd do without the huggies forum, i mean u can whinge to your partner but in the end they have absolutly no idea about the frustration you feel.
It's good to know that i can come on here n talk to people who are going through the same thing smile
i really hope i didnt come across ungrateful to be pregnant or offened any1, because that wasnt my intention.
and if i did i'm truly sorry.


Hi Karli,
you didn't offend me, I have days when I am in so much pain I cant walk, (I have scoliosis) I have had times where my DH has to put a bed pan under me because I cant get to the toilet, but I try to remind myself that 9 months of being uncomfortable and in more than usual pain is a small sacrifice to a life without children.

The constant migraines, constipation, pain in the back/hips, sciatic nerve being pinched, nausea and vomiting (I'm still having morning sickness), swelling, haemorrhoids, suffering all of this is worth it when you get that little baby in your arms at the end..

We all fully understand the discomfort and pain, but following the birth, it will lessen, and get easier - that is when the tiredness sets in,

You are so close to the finishing line now, try to stay positive - that little gorgeous baby isn't very far away....

Good luck - you only have days to wait now...
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