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25 day's to go: god help me Lock Rss

hi all, as i already wrote, i only (mmm ONLY!!!) have 25 days left. Christmas, new year and my youngest daughter' birthday all in between.
not to mention school hollies start for me in 2 days.
so i will have all 3 girls (9,6,4) home, and i am finding it really hard to cope, one min i'm feeling ok, the next i start crying and feeling like i suck as a mother. has anyone gone through really bad mood swings this late in pregnancy? and what can i do?
i am sick of feeling like this everyday, and i keep telling myself "not long to go" lol but wish it would just happen.
ps: no p/a was told wrong by ultra/s, all clear yeah for me

lainy,mum of 3 girls and a new little man

hey so whn are you due? Jan 13? Youshould come and join the due in jan thread!! Wow you already have three girls ... do you know what this bub is? What is p/a? Do't know that abbreviation. Anyway, i am due in three and a half weeks with my seconds and I am so excited!! I can't wait till I go into labour! We did not find out the sex, so there will be a nice little surprise at the end of all that pain!! Where are you from?

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

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