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Help can't sleep Lock Rss


I have 6 and a half weeks to go before I finally meet my son Dylan. I have one problem I can't sleep!!!!!

I get restless limbs and I just can't sleep. I have tried pillows getting up and doing things around house. I get on avarage about 2 hours of sleep a night.
If anyone has any ideas I would really appreceiate it.

Mum to Dylan

Hi Chell,

There was another topic recently similar to this, that might have some more ideas for you to look at!

Have you tried a warm bath just before bed and a warm milk or Milo! What about reading before bed, i light book, not a baby book?

I had lots of trouble sleeping too, thru both pregnancies! They say it is just getting you use to the night time feeds, not fare hey!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Chell
I have the same problem but with 12 weeks to go. I get the restless limbs as well. I find there is one thing that does help, but may not appeal at this point. I find if I can orgasm it calms down the leg concerned (I suspect it overrides the nerve impulses causing the problem). It's not a permanent fix, but I usually find it gives me another couple of hours sleep at least (sometimes the rest of the night).
Best of luck

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

hi Tepe
yeah tried the bath and milk things.
Ive been told its to get me into practice for the baby also.
I might try reading in bed until im really close to falling asleep. its worth a try thanks for the tip.


Mum to Dylan

hi , i have also been told this about an orgasm but have also been told by my midwife that its not allowed, i have had abit of a problem pregnancy.
thanks for the advice anyway.

Mum to Dylan

Hi Sable,

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second bub and am starting to have problems relaxing enough to go to sleep. I tried your suggestion and I found it helped a little...

But I can't do this every night to fall asleep... as much as my husband might love it wink

I didn't start having sleeping problems in my first pregnancy till 30+ weeks, this time around I am having the problem at 23+ weeks.

I spoke to another mum who also said she had more trouble sleeping in her second pregnancy too. It doesn't seem fair especially when the morning brings a very energetic toddler to you.

Goodluck all mum's with the sleep thing... or should I say lack of sleep thing? :|

Hi Michelle
I've had problems sleeping most of the way through this pregnancy, like you the first one wasn't any where near so bad.
Luckily once this little person arrives we aren't planning any more so I should get sleep again (between baby calls!) wink
As far as my method for getting sleep is concerned, the problem I have with it is that I tend to need it when my husband is dead to the world! I am only prepared to try a bit to wake him up (although he says he wouldn't mind), I feel it's not fair for both of us to lose out on sleep just cos I'm restless.
Ah well, only 12 weeks to go approximately. Maybe I should start waking him up, after all there won't be many opportunities for him once the baby shows up. Especially if the program on TV the other night about testosterone dropping when you're producing prolactin. I get the impression that as long as I'm breastfeeding my testosterone levels will be pretty much nil, so I won't be interested!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Sable,

I too feel the same that after this bub we don't have anymore planned. I have 16 weeks to go with this pregnancy and am counting. Its not so bad when you have to wake up for bubs, but when its 3am and you are tired but not asleep and you are the only one then that's just frustrating.

My husband takes all the opportunties now too, he knows once the baby is born I won't be interested for about 3 months... the very idea after having a baby doesn't sit well with me.

Thanks for your suggestion and your reply.

Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy.


P.S. What will the age difference be between your children?

Hi again Michelle,
George will be 18 months, going on 19 when the baby arrives. Hopefully then I might be able to play a bit more boisterously with him then. I currently get dizzy fairly easily so can't spin him around, and of course bouncing him is out as the baby is in the way!

Thanks for your reply, and hope all goes well for your pregnancy and birth.

You are going to have a similar age gap between your two aren't you?

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi Rachelle,

Yes, the age difference between my daughter, Madeleine and my baby boy (William) on the way will be 19 months, almost 20 when he is born.

I am just starting to find it a struggle to get down on the floor to play. I leave the boisterous play up to daddy at the moment too.

When is number 2 due for you? I am due 30th July, but an expecting an August baby... I just have a feeling.

Would love to chat with you some more about 2nd pregnancies... hope to hear from you soon.

Michelle grin

Hi Michelle

George's sibling is due 30th June. I don't have any feelings about whether I will be early or late, though my original due date was 25 June. They changed it at the 10 week ultrasound.

I know my Mum was late with me (I was due Xmas eve and arrived 30th Dec instead) and early with my younger brother (due my birthday, arrived 27th Dec), so hopefully I might be a bit early this time. Last time I was 10 days late and was due to be induced a couple of days later, but luckily went into labour spontaneously.

I am hoping things will be better this time around though, last experience was not something I wish to repeat. Ended up with a failed epidural and a Caesar.

One good thing though, I have actually had 2 nights in a row where I have slept reasonably well. Only got up twice! I think that is some kind of miracle. Only problem is we didn't do anything different from normal.

Anyway, must be off, have nesting to do. If you want to contact me my e-mail is "[email protected]"

Look forward to hearing from you. smile

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Hi again Rachelle,

I have made a note of your e-mail address and will sit down and write to you when I have some spare time.

I have enjoyed chatting with you here and will be in touch soon.

Hope all is well with you, "bub on the way" and George... catch you soon.

Michelle grin

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