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very early baby movements felt... Lock Rss

hi there,
i am currently 11 wks pregnant with our 2nd child (our 1st, ben, is 14 months) and i have started to feel the baby move this week. i first felt ben at 15 weeks. i was wondering how early everyone else has felt their bubs move. although i am also slightly concerned (well not concerned but am thinking) that my dates are wrong, as i am also looking definately preggers already. i am about as big as 17 weeks when i was preg with ben. so with those two put together i wonder about the accuracy of my dates, although my last period was normal. i understand that you generally show early 2nd time round, but i wasn't expecting to be this big this early. so anyway, when did everyone feel their baby move, and how early did they show? am i odd???
all replies would be great! thankyou and good luck to all.
p.s i am positive it isn't wind either.

SA mum to Ben (10/04) Rianan (7/06) #3 due 14 dec

Hi mum to Ben,
Deb here,i have 3 & 1 on the way, i also showed very early with all of mine,as for movements i think i was about 11 weeks too smile No your not odd you just know what to look for this time round.The doctors put me in for an ultra sound at 15 weeks because i was measuring at 19 weeks, The scan soon told me that i was only 15 weeks but my growth has slowed down now smile i'm now 20 weeks & have a party going on in my tummy smile LOL Take care & good luck with it all smile xoxoxo

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

with my first 2 i felt them move around 12 weeks and this one i felt her move at about 8/9 weeks though it didnt click thats what it was until about 12 weeks! i also started showing at around 10 weeks this time but with the first it wasnt till about 18 weeks and the 2nd about the same, im now 34 weeks and much bigger then i was at 39 weeks with the 2nd so basically what im saying is that each pregnancy you will prob feel baby earlier and show earlier! also cause there is not much between your 2 your tummy muscles are more inclined to let it all hang out sooner! hope this helps and good luck with your pregnancy!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

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