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Blood Pressure ? Lock Rss

Hello Everyone,

I did a search on blood pressure and didn't find anything related to what I would like to know.

Six days after conception my breathing and heart rate went up - normal. It has been sitting at between 90 / 100 beats per minute even as I sit relaxed writing this. My blood pressure is usually 110/70 but last week the doctor checked it and it was 150/70.

Also nearly 24 hours a day since the first week, I have had butterflies in my tummy and constant pumps of adrenalin going around which is very annoying. I am wondering if having so much adrenalin floating around in my system all the time would be harmful to the baby?

I have read that stress chemicals like butterflies crossing the placenta can be harmful ?

I might get it checked out. I have no stress in my happy life either and this was a planned pregnancy.

Any comments?

Mum of 1 - James born July 2006

Hi aniela,

Your blood pressure sounds normal. Mine started out 120/70 and has dropped each check up I'm now down to 90/50. As for the rest of your question I can't really help, sorry. Have you spoken to your GP/Midwife?

Hope this helps a little

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

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