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losing my mind Lock Rss

I know this a common thing but I'm lossing it I forget everything I had an appointment at the hospital I showed up 4 hours late believing that my appointment was at that time I've forgotten what i was doiung at times, I went to the shops the other day to pick up something I got there can't remmeber what i went for still can't remember it was obviously not important. I want to hear your stories so i don't feel so bad and have a giggle.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

dont have any funny stories for you. but i forget things all the time too! so i have got a little note book that i keep in my bag and write down all the things i have to get. n my fridge is full of reminders for appointments and things.. it helps..

I am really bad, I have never been ditzy, but now I am a real dumb blond! If I am allowed to do the shopping on my own, my partner has to ring me and remind me of what we need. Sometimes I still forget, even when he's just hung up and I am standing in the store.
I often go to the biggest, busiest shopping centre in the soaring heat, then can't remember why I am there. So I end up walking around for an hour, and go home with a heap of junk food and baby clothes!

Mostly I find I have just become really stupid. I can't count, remember words, people's names etc. I work in hospitality...........

QLD, Grace 04/02/2006

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